Sunday, July 03, 2016

Monday Morning Report:
Good rainfall in Mumbai Lakes boost up the Lake Levels;
Last 24 hrs Rainfall:
Middle Vaitarna 162 mms,Bhatsa 118 mms, Modaksagar: 98 mms, Tansa 110 mms, Vihar 90 mms ( Total:1463 mms), Tulshi 93 mms ( Total:1411 mms),

Latest Storage is 227 Mcum. Storage is enough for 81 days ( Supply taken with 20% water cut). Info. from vagarian Jayesh Mehta.

Posted Sunday 3rd July Night

In association of an UAC, a Low ( BB-3) has formed over the Jharkhand/North Odisha/W.Bengal region. The Low will become well marked, with a prominent upper air circulation. System (BB-3) will move West wards in next 2 days.

Next 2 days good rainfall for Chattisgarh, East MP and Jharkhand.
Very heavy rain expected in Jabalpur on

South Coastal Gujarat will get heavy rains for one more day before intensity decreases from Tuesday. 
May strengthen again if BB-3 approaches from East.

Mumbai: Intermittent showers continue for Monday and Tuesday. Bringing to Mumbai City around 35-50 mms /day.Outer townships with get a few heavy showers.
Konkan region will get heavy showers, many places getting between 50-80 mms.

Pune: Rain intensity decreasing from Monday.Medium showers in parts of Pune on Tuesday, around 7-10 mms on Tuesday.

Interior Mah regions Madhya Mah and Marathwada will continue to get moderate rainfall in the 10-30 mms in almost all the districts for the next 2 days. We will then see the track of BB-3 from Wednesday.

Kolkata: A few showers on Monday with heavy showers on Tuesday.

Delhi NCR:  Monday and Tuesday partly cloudy and rather hot with few localised showers.
Rains intensity increasing from Wednesday for Delhi NCR, and West M.P.cities.


vikas hunk gay said...

will Indore and Ujjain will get heavy rain???

Rajesh said...

Vikas: West MP is mentioned.

Shivkumar: Nasik got the increase in rains from Sunday as mentioned to you. Nasik got 50 mms on Sunday and another 34 mms at night.

Pune also got good rains , 74 mms on Saturday and 43 mms on Sunday.

UAC has tracked to North Chattisgarh/East UP /Jharkhand Region on Monday morning.

Srivathsa said...

Good rise in the lake levels over the weekend. Bhatsa has increased substantially vs. last week. Overall vs. last week about 1,50,000 million litres increase.

Rohit Aroskar said...

As on 4th July 2016 , Vihar (Mumbai)..1463 mms is ahead of Cherrapunji seasonal rainfall 1444 mms..

Sarvesh said...

Mumbai lake levels modak Sagar 19 pc, tansa -27 pc,vihar 39 pc, tulsian 88 pc, bhatsa - 36 pc, middle vaitarna 16 pc filled

Sarvesh said...

Total maharashtra dams 13 pc filled

NilaY Wankawala said...

Credit Australian government Bureau of meteorology.

Latest ENSO Wrap-Up issued 5 July 2016

The latest ENSO Wrap-Up and Climate Model Summary are now available on the Bureau's website.
Negative Indian Ocean Dipole emerges as Pacific Ocean remains neutral
A negative Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) pattern has established in the Indian Ocean. Current weekly IOD index values are the lowest in at least the past 15 years. Climate models predict the negative IOD pattern will persist and develop through the southern winter and spring. A negative IOD typically brings above-average rainfall to southern Australia during winter-spring, with cooler-than-average daytime temperatures across southern Australia, and warmer day and night-time temperatures in northern Australia. Find out more about the Indian Ocean Dipole.

In the tropical Pacific Ocean, sea surface temperatures have continued to cool in recent weeks. With all ocean and atmospheric indicators near normal, the tropical Pacific Ocean is in a neutral El Niño–Southern Oscillation (ENSO) state. However, a large volume of cooler than normal water below the ocean surface suggests La Niña remains possible in 2016. Recent observations, combined with current climate model outlooks, have left the Bureau's ENSO Outlook unchanged at La Niña WATCH. This means the likelihood of La Niña forming later in 2016 is around 50%.

Typically during La Niña, winter-spring rainfall is above average over northern, central and eastern Australia. If La Niña does develop, climate models suggest it is unlikely to reach levels seen in the most recent event of 2010–12—one of the strongest La Niña events on record

vikas hunk gay said...

Sir u told that heavy rain will occur in west mp from wednesday but from last 2days not a single drop of rain occur,,,, and high wind is prevailing in the area

1st March: Mumbai: Parts of Mumbai received light drizzles on Monday Night. Though rain was predicted in Interior Maharashtra, from an upper...