Saturday, July 25, 2015

Synopsis of Saturday Night Weather:

1. Since the Central India UAC has formed a day in advance, and the UAC has further developed into a Low, the "Yellow" regions marked for Sunday also got advanced. The region got heavy rains in cms:  Ratlam­ 17;  Ujjain & Dhar­ 8 each; Indore, Bhopal & Shajapur ­5 each; Guna 3.

Likely to deepen and move towards West. Sunday: Very heavy rains in excess of 100 mms likely in West M.P, adjoining East Rajasthan and North Gujarat. Heavy rains in Rest of Gujarat region. 

Sunday: Ahmdabad gets heavy rains on Sunday, around >50 mms, Ujjain 45-50 mms. Bharuch will be cloudy with intermittent rains.

and Moderate rains in rest of Gujarat and North Konkan.

Sunday Mumbai City: Cloudy with frequent showers..some heavy. Rains around 35-40 mms (Avg)

2. BB-3 has also formed in the North Bay. Likely to remain Stationary and concentrate more to next stage. Sunday: Heavy rains likely in Coastal West Bengal and Coastal Bangladesh. Sunday:Kolkata, getting the usual showers, with rain around 30-40 mms.

3.For Sindh: We are watching this Low , and to see how much it can deepen. Factors like South Winds and Seasonal Low play a part in it. Shall give my estimate for Sindh in the Sunday post.

Meanwhile, heavy rains in Sindh, and intensity will be clear by Sunday..and will occur after Tuesday, if it is going to come.

Sunday Night, another report will be put up.


Vinod Desai said...

any good news for maharashtra marathwada ?

Unknown said...

Thanks Rajesh Sir, We are waiting for your update for Sindh

vikas hunk gay said...

Ujjain got total rainfall of 800MM in last 8 days,,,,still rain contnuing in Ujjain

Unknown said...

Rajesh sir when will it rain very heavily in mumbai , pen , nagothana ,roha regions ? Please answer my query.Thanks in advance.please sir fast!!!!!!!

sset said...

Geography text books needs to be re-written. NW states GUJ, RAJ, KUTCH are no longer arid areas or deserts. If we go by recent 10 years data records - all these areas have received excess to normal rains. Arid areas are forming elsewhere like SE India....Probably in next 10 years central India may look like west coast....