Saturday, January 18, 2014


Konkan & Madhya Maha saw chilly weather with the cold North winds blowing over the region as WD crosses in North India.

Some min temp below for today from all regions of Maha (18-1-2014):

Nashik 6.4c (below normal by 3c)
Mahabaleshwar 9.2c (below normal by 4c)
Pune 9.9c
Jalgaon 10.6c
Malegaon 10.8c
Satara 12.8c
Mumbai: S’cruz 13.2c (lowest min temp for current season till today)
Palghar AWS 9.4c (first single digit min temp today around Mumbai region for current season)
Thane AWS 14.3c
Murud AWS 14.4c
Dahanu 14.3c
Harnai 18.2c
Ratnagiri 16.6c

Badlapur 10.8°C (private observation). Also Dense fog engulfed the city with visibility dropping to 50mtrs from 5.30am to 8.30am period today.Some pics below of Badlapur :

Marathwada saw above normal min temps due to cloudy weather from WD trough tail.

Aurangabad 15.0c (above normal by 4c)
Solapur 20.0c (above normal by 4c)

Vidarbha saw rain due to trough slanting towards the SE with an induced low around Northern MP/Adjoining UP from WD. So min temp got raised there by couple of degrees from normal level.

Yeotmal 15.4c with trace rain amount
Nagpur 18.6c (above normal by 6c) with 3.8mm rainfall till 8.30am today
Gondia 17.4c (above normal by 4c)
Akola 17.6c (above normal by 4c) with 0.5mm rainfall till 8.30am today
Chandrapur 20.4c (above normal by 5c)

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