Saturday, January 11, 2014

Posted Friday Night:
Friday was dry over the sub-continent...isolated rain occurred in Kashmir. A few spots, very isolated , saw light rain sprinkles in one or two patches in MP.

Rise in night temperatures in Rajasthan and Gujarat and Sindh region (Pakistan) from Monday.

Conditions favourable for NEM to withdraw  from AP by Sunday. Further withdrawal from North TN coast will be ascertained if the approaching Easterly wave restricts to the South....the High Pressure Southern edge is around 12N currently.

Weekend', 11th and 12th January 
Delhi NCR: After the usual fog on Saturday, we see the foggy conditions decreasing from Sunday morning. The low temperatures will remain in the 6/7c range this weekend. Likely to show a marginal rise from Monday.Fog only shallow and in patches from Monday.

Mumbai: Saturday and Sunday will be having a slight cloudy sky. Though Friday daytime was cool at 26c (Colaba) and 28c (Scruz), we see a slight rise in the day to 30/31c on Saturday and maybe more rise to around 33c on Sunday. This rise is attributed to a Easterly daytime breeze. 
Night low on Friday morning was 15.8c (Scruz) and 18.4c (Clb). However, the lows will be around 18/19c at Scruz from Sunday morning (Saturday morning will be around 15c at Scruz).

Pune: Saturday will be sunny and around 30c, but Sunday gets partly cloudy, with nights around 13/14c. Increasing moisture will register a rise in night temperatures from Sunday night.

In Pakistan, mostly dry and cold weather, but for some light rain in Western Balochistan (Dal Badin may be cloudy on Sunday) on Sunday.
Karachi will see a dry and sunny weekend with temperatures in the 24c - 9c range. Islamabad nights just above freezing, and Nawabshah cold at 6c.

Rains expected in Dubai on Sunday...


Rajesh said...

All India Major Center Minimum Temperature below 10 C. on 11th January 2014...from Ashokbhai (Rajkot)

1 Srinagar (India) -0.3 °C
2 Amritsar (India) 0.4 °C
3 Hissar (India) 3.0 °C
4 Bikaner (India) 4.2 °C
5 Imphal Tulihal (India) 4.5 °C
6 Ganganagar (India) 4.6 °C
7 Jaisalmer (India) 5.5 °C
8 Dehradun (India) 5.6 °C
9 North Lakhimpur (India) 6.2 °C
10 Patiala (India) 6.3 °C
11 New Delhi / Safdarjung (India) 6.6 °C
12 Indore (India) 6.7 °C
13 Nasik (India) 6.9 °C
14 Poona (India) 7.1 °C
15 Jaipur / Sanganer (India) 7.2 °C
16 Udhagamandalam (India) 7.2 °C
17 Dibrugarh / Mohanbari (India) 7.3 °C
18 Rajkot (India) 7.6 °C
19 Agartala (India) 8.0 °C
20 Gwalior (India) 8.0 °C
21 Bareilly (India) 8.4 °C
22 Barmer (India) 8.6 °C
23 Siliguri (India) 8.7 °C
24 Bhuj-Rudramata (India) 9.0 °C
25 Lucknow / Amausi (India) 9.2 °C
26 Jodhpur (India) 9.3 °C
27 Gorakhpur (India) 9.4 °C
28 Gauhati (India) 9.8 °C
29 Guna (India) 9.8 °C

Nimish Thaker said...

Any idea what was the temperature today morning in Mumbai? My car showed the external temperature at 14 degrees today at 7:30 AM, could the minimum at SCZ have dipped below 14 degrees around 6:00 AM? This would make it the coldest morning of the season.

Rajesh said...

NT: Saturday Scruz min was 13.5c and Colaba 16.0c..lowest this season..

Abhijit Modak said...
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