Tuesday, June 04, 2013

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SWM Advance Forecast Map Updated to cover Sub-Continent...See Monsoon Advance Position Page

Posted on Wednesday @ 11.30 pm IST
SWM advancing into SE Bangladesh and NE States….SWM precipitation to increase in Coastal Karnataka and Kerala from Friday..

The West coast trough, though weak, runs from Goa to Kerala.
Another trough runs from S.Konkan and North –Westwards  towards Oman coast.

An UAC will be embedded in the mid sea trough. This trough will start tilting towards the N.Konkan coast from Friday. It will be part of the off shore west coast trough by Sunday.
Rainfall along N.Konkan , as a result, will start increasing from Friday onwards.

Forecast for Thursday Heaviest Rains:
Maharashtra: Heavy thunder showers in Pune and Southern vicinity. Nanded  and South Marathwada.
AP: West of Hyderabad, Medak and Nizamambad disricts.
MP: West and East  Dimmar, Ujjain and Indore regions .

: An early afternoon  thunder shower in Bangalore and vicinity.
: Mumbai will be partly cloudy. Thundery developments over the eastern ghats. Drifting of some thunder showers possible in evening over parts of City and outer townships.
City rainfall up to 7-10 mms possible.

Posted on Tuesday 4th June @ 4.30 pm IST:

1.       The west  coast  off shore trough runs from Goa southwards.

2.     The UAC in the Arabian Sea has descended as a low, and at 1000 mb is situated at 19.7N and 64.5E.

3.       This low, will  form a trough, running East West at around 20N.

4.     The trough will slant NW/SE and gradually join the existing off shore trough,  become the west coast trough running from Gujarat to Kerala. This phenomena will bring the SWM up the Konkan coast and into Interior Mah and Gujarat.

5.    How many days ? We shall observe this development, but anything  between  4-7 days from June 4th

Meanwhile, Mumbai forecast remains as mentioned yesterday, there will be the thunder shower in parts of the city and vicinity by evening...

Pune and rest forecast too maintained as yesterday.

There will be some sharp showers in Southern Oman and Salalah regions for a day on Wednesday. Chances of rain in the Muscat region are less, only cloudy skies. .It seems at this stage  System will not move directly in to Oman, but weaken and form a trough towards the East.
We shall observe the system.

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Neeraj said...

Has the bay branch stalled ? Kathmandu can expect the arrival on 13th June or has the date been revised looking at recent parameters ?

Pavan said...

rajesh sir
rains have been nullified in entire karnataka frm last 3 days except northern tip and coorg
when it will be active again?

Atul P Naik said...

Missed the IMD announced arrival of monsoon in Goa on June 4 as I had to travel out of Goa from 3rd :-( But reports from Goa indicate steady monsoon like rains!

Atul P Naik said...

Hot 40 plus in Ahmedabad. Got caught in a thunderstorm at 8.30pm today at Gandhinagar with heavy rains! Missing the thrill of monsoon in Goa!

Ron said...

off to karwar this friday..any news from karnataka coastline??

Rajesh said...

Neeraj: Bay branch has stalled, due to various factors..but a revival should bring SWM to Kathmandu aroundexpected date...we'll see bay branch creeping in once monsoon trough comes around 20N

Pavan: Expect regions in map shown for 5th/6th forecast to get good showers.
Atul: Today the North Gujarat region as shown in forecast map got heavy showers

Atul P Naik said...

Bright sunny morning in Margao Goa! Has the IMD made haste in announcing arrival of monsoon in Goa on 3rd?

Unknown said...

night showers as well as in the morning there were showers here in Vasai today, climate very humid and windy at the moment.

Unknown said...

Hindu 06 Jun 13 posted by Potey
Bangalore : Chilled out city is changing for the worse...

More than half of Bangaloreans admit to a perceived change in the city’s climate, and a majority feels improper solid waste management is severely impacting people’s health. But paradoxically, less than half of them are willing to contribute by segregating waste.

These are some of the key findings of a survey carried out by The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), released ahead of World Environment Day.

According to a press release from TERI, the survey was carried out in Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Mumbai. It aimed at gauging people’s perception, behaviour, awareness and opinion pertaining to various environmental issues. Six themes were selected for the study — overall environment, air quality, water quality, waste and waste management, climate change and forest/green cover.

Climate change

The survey said 64 per cent of the respondents perceived that climate change was a reality, 53 per cent observed a lot of change in temperature and 42 per cent witnessed occurrence of extreme events.

Waste management

The survey indicated that 69 per cent of the respondents felt that improper solid waste management was causing very severe impact on health, while less than 10 per cent considered the impact to be moderate or low. Many said that the collection of garbage/waste from households was extremely important in managing the waste, but 44 per cent were not willing to segregate waste, while 11 per cent showed willingness to segregate.

The reasons for the reluctance in rolling up the sleeves and getting down to segregation were given as it being a cumbersome task (34 per cent), needing more space to keep the two separate bins (31 per cent), and the feeling that segregation is the responsibility of the local authority (23 per cent).

Green cover

Eighty per cent said they had never been involved in the cutting of a tree. Though 19 per cent of the population is involved in planting a tree once a year, a majority of 45 per cent of the respondents had never planted a tree.

Thirty-nine per cent considered factories in and around the city and the transport sector (32 per cent) to be the major contributors to air pollution. Encouragingly, nearly 90 per cent of the respondents use public transport more than thrice a week.

The respondents identified leakage from taps and faucets (38 per cent), leakage during distribution to households (25 per cent) and over-use of water by consumers (17 per cent) as the main reasons for water wastage.

Whose responsibility?

The survey indicated that 55 per cent of respondents felt that the responsibility for improving the city’s environment rested with government and business (25 per cent). On the balance between environment and development in India, 22 per cent felt that the government should prioritise development, whereas 19 per cent indicated it should be environmental protection.

Abhijit Modak said...

Thane & Raigad District rainfall in mm ending 8.30am today(05-06-2013)

Vasai 11
Dahanu 7.6
Javhar 8
Mokhada 27
Talasari 13
Vikramgadh 0.8

Alibaug 0.2
Karjat 1.5
Khalapur 2
Sudhagad 8
Pen 1.1
Mahad 0.2
Murud 10

Anonymous said...

Wish on environment day today - may it improve

Carbon foorprint per capita annual average : World- 4 tonnes ,India -1.4 tonnes , Mumbai -4.75 tonnes

Anonymous said...

Nashik city(population:18 lakhs) ,the religious capital of Maharshtra.. It is also the capital of India's very own 'Napa valley' ..It also has many industries(including automobiles) around.. It is known for its pleasant climate ..Daily range of temp is high in winter /spring..

Located 180 kms(by road) from Mumbai on the Deccan Plateau, it can get really chilly dring winter mornings ..Even 'Frost' cant stay away from biting the delicious grapes of the region during winters ..
Best seson to visit -Anytime (except April , May)

... Past decade average climate for Nashik [Deccan Plateau, 180 kms NE of Mumbai]-

Jan : 29.4/10.4 , Feb:31.4/12.4 , Mar:35.1/16.1 , Apr:37.6 /19.9, May:36.8/22.1, Jun:32.2/23,
Jul:28/22.2, Aug:27.3/21.5 , Sep:29 /21.2, Oct:31.5 /17.9 , Nov:30.5 /14.6 , Dec:29.5/11.8 ..

Annual Rain-85 cms ,Annual avg temp -31.5/17.8 (24.6)
Highest temp:42 c (16th April 2010) , Lowest temp: 02.7 c (9th Feb 2012)

Anonymous said...

Mumbai ,the commercial capital is a city of contrasts .. the rich /the poor .. plush / filthy ..

The rains are also a contrast ..
From mid-October to May , the city is one of the driest in the country ..
In the monsoons -Jun to Sep , the city is the wettest in the country and world, of its size.. 268 cms (past 10 yrs average)..240 cms (long term average)
Best seson to visit - September , November to February

Past 10 year averages for Mumbai Airport(SCZ),North Konkan :

Jan : 31.5/16.2 , Feb:32.1/17.6 ,Mar:33.6/20.9 , Apr:33.8/24.1, May:33.8/26.8, Jun:32.5/26.3,
Jul:30.4/25.3, Aug:30.1/25.2 , Sep:30.9/24.9, Oct:34 /23.4 , Nov:34.2 /21.1 , Dec:32.6/18.1 ..

Annual Rain-268 cms ,Annual avg temp -32.5/22.5 (27.5)
Highest temp-41.3 c (16th March 2011) , Lowest temp- 08.5 c (8th Feb 2008)

Anonymous said...

Bengaluru , its climate is coded as .. It is located at an altitude higher than most western ghats hills ( like Khandala , Agumbe ..) ..Altitude of around 920 mtrs on the southern deccan gives it a mild climate than its plains counterparts..

Mildy cool in winters and rains , relatively less warm in the summers. lower heat indices throughout the year are the positives of Bengaluru's climate..

Past 10 year averages for Bengaluru city-
Jan : 29/16.2 , Feb:31.3/17.5 ,Mar:33.4/20.2 , Apr:34.2 /22 , May:32.9/21.6, Jun:29.9/20.6,
Jul:28.5/20.1, Aug:28.3/20.1 , Sep:28.7/20, Oct:28.6 /19.7 , Nov:27.4 /18.2 , Dec:27.4/16.4 ..

Annual Rain-100 cms ,Annual avg temp -30/19.4(24.7)
Highest temp-38 c (6th Apr 2007) , Lowest temp- 11.8 c (25th Dec 2007)

Anonymous said...

In Chennai , u can get roasted to 'karuvadu' ..But then some people like karuvadu ..They like it hot .. The warmest city in the world (its Bangkok) is the most popular in the world, among tourists ..So in fact many like it hot .. Its great fun sipping cold coffee , being lazy and blaming it on the hot weather ..
But after the NE monsoon (mid oct onwards) sets in ,Chennai is not so hot ..
In fact , Chennai is milder than the opposite coast(Kerala) from November to February..

Best season to visit : Dec ,Jan , Feb
Past 10 year averages for Chennai Airport-

Jan : 30.3/20.7 , Feb:31.9/21.3 ,Mar:34.1/23.6 , Apr:36 /26.2, May:38.8/27.3, Jun:37.9/26.9,
Jul:35.9/25.9, Aug:35.2/25.4 , Sep:34.5/25, Oct:32.9 /24.3 , Nov:30.6 /22.8 , Dec:29.8/21.5 ..

Annual Rain-140 cms ,Annual avg temp -34/24.3(29.1)
Highest temp-43.4 c (19th May 2012) , Lowest temp- 16.9 c (17th Jan 2012)

Anonymous said...

One liners for the city climates described above today-

Nasik - known for winter morning chills ,
Mumbai - monsoon thrills,
Bengaluru- climate without any frills ,
Chennai - the heat grills..

Nilesh Ladhad said...

when will monsoon reach sambalpur, odisha

Rajesh said...

Nilesh Ladhad: The Monsoon in Sambhalpur should arrive by 13-15th June..see the vagaries' advance map ...then outskirts of your city will turn lush green

Anonymous said...

thunder lighting ....in thane....

Unknown said...

As predicted by Rajesh sir Ujjain recieved heavy downpour with thundering in the morning.

 26th Day Temperatures..Mumbai cooler than Pune,Nasik and Same as Mahabaleshwar