Monday, June 10, 2013

10th June: SWM Moves into Ahmadabad, more parts of Saurashtra and Kolkata...see Monsoon Advance Map

In a fresh development, an UAC can form in the Bay off the North Andhra/South Orissa coast by the 12th of June.
The system, may form a low, or travel W/NW as an UAC. Along the track, we can expect heavy precipitation into Orissa and later into Chattisgarh, East Vid, MP and Southern UP. Delhi and North Rajasthan from 13th through 17th June.

West coast can expect "sympathy" rains if the UAC is strong enough.
We shall monitor the progress as the UAC forms. 

Mumbai on Monday night will get frequent showers, some heavy. Tuesday will see several showers, some of prolonged duration and heavy.


Rajesh said...

Cmdr Potey: I think the Akola region of Vid will get thunder showers in many regions , but not widespread, on Tuesday and Wednesday. I expect an increase in rains with sime heavy falls on Thursday and Friday. Soil should be ready for sowing from then onwards..but since decision is vital, we go day by day after Wednesday

anant said...

Are there chances of prolonged showers in Pune , or will it be just an insignificant drizzle .

Rajesh said...

anant: Light showers/rain , maybe heavy in some parts of few days..rains upto 7-10 mms/day

Rajesh said...

Amit: Nagpur and Eastern Vid could get increased rains from the UAC forms
Nilesh Ladhad: An UAC forming off the Orissa coast will bring good rainfall to Sambhalpur and coastal regions from Tuesday/Wednesday. Increased rainfall on Wednesday, with heavy falls in your region on Wed/Thu

Atul P Naik said...

Congratulations on the 4 L mark! Remarkable indeed! Keep it up and thanks a lot for sharing

Unknown said...

what is lake levels and storage

Rajesh K said...
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Rajesh K said...

@Rajesh Sir, What is prospect for S Karnataka (Interior) and TN. Any bebefit from UAC?

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Congrats sir for 400,000 hits

Unknown said...

the UAC entering from bay might benefit the west coast

Unknown said...

It is pouring heavily for past 20 mins here on my way to kaman chinchoti hills.

Tyrone said...

Sindh and karachi also expected to get quite heavy rains during this week as per the 10 Day GFS and other forecasting sites. Is that correct Rajesh?

Abhijit Modak said...

Within Mumbai city limit(in heart of National Park hill) lakes Rainfall in mm ending 8.30am today(11-06-2013)

Tulshi lake 123
Vihar lake 105

Abhijit Modak said...

Maharashtra's Konkan Division rainfall in mm ending 8.30am today(11-06-2013) :

Mumbai District rainfall :

Colaba 103.2
Santacruz 78.5

Thane District rainfall:

Thane 78.6
Kalyan 41
Murbad 28
Bhivandi 40
Vasai 56
Wada 24
Shahapur 22.4
Dahanu 32.9
Palghar 44
Javhar 11
Mokhada 7.6
Talasari 6
Ulhasnagar 41.4
Ambernath 35.6
Vikramgadh 7.4

Raigad District rainfall:

Alibaug 57
Panvel 80
Karjat 76.3
Khalapur 66
Uran 84
Sudhagad 67
Pen 126.3
Mahad 32
Mangaon 35
Roha 39
Poladpur 61
Murud 51
Shriwardhan 77
Mahasala 45
Tala 43

Ratnagiri district rainfall:

Chiplun 80
Dapoli 183.6
Khed 105
Gughagar 133
Mandangad 72
Ratnagiri 95
Sangameshwar 85
Rajapur 102
Lanja 106.2

Sindhudurg district rainfall:

Devgad 138
Malwan 170
Sawantwadi 90
Vengurla 92.4
Kankawali 81
Kudal 84
Vaibhavwadi 75
Dodamarg 67

emkay said...

Is the Northern UAC weakening ? Clouds seems to be in a dispersal mode ?/

Nilesh Ladhad said...

monsoon reached without significant rain and thunder. moderate rain for just 2 hour.

anant said...

Thank you Rajesh, Did you notice that there is a north east tracking storm in the pacific will it pull away some of the moisture ?

Atul P Naik said...

Rajeshbhai a question from a beginner here: I am able to see the MSLP trough in the plains on the charts and the UAC in the Bay at 850, 700 and even 500 hPa wind charts. But I am not able to see the North UAC as mentioned by you. Where should I be looking? I am using IMD NWP charts.

rkjrdp said...

Thank you rajesh sir. The storm in kea blog disappeared. Thank you once again.

Rajesh said...

Jayesh: Lake levels shall put tomorrow.
Nilesh Ladhad: More rains from UAC in 2 days for sure
Sam: yes, west coast will benefit from Saturday again
Atul: GSB has given some good ref books..we shall ask him. I shall also refer some to you

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