Monday, November 19, 2012

Todays picture from Dubai on Inter Active Page....notice the sky colour..

A high pressure ridge runs from Gujarat thru  Rajasthan/Sindh into Northern regions.
The fresh WD , N-2, approaching Northern Sub-Continent is to be affected by the current ridge across the region.  
The WD, currently as a trough along the 50E line, is seen precipitating in the Persian Gulf area. Moving into Dubai tomorrow.

Will approach the Pakistan Northern regions by Wednesday 21st. and into North India by Thursday, 22nd.  In all probability  the encounter with the ridge will make it track Ne into the Northern states of Pakistan and India.
It can bring cold days in the region due to cloudy conditions. Rain/snow in Kashmir/HP and Utterakhand hills on 23rd/24th. Middle ranges of Gulmarg/Pahalgam and Sonmarg can get snow.
Partly cloudy weather for Delhi NCR on Wednesday/Thursday. 

An Easterly wave aloft at 850 hpa, in the Southern Bay,  moving in westwards would be energised by the ensuing pulse in the Eastern Bay. 
Would form a trough along the 10N line by Tuesday. 

The remnants of BB-11, by then at 1008 mb,( or maybe as an UAC), can merge into the trough, thus sort of energising it (the trough). 
Rainfall from the merger will bring relief to TN coast from Wednesday/Thursday. CAPE is seen increasing off the TN coast by Thursday.
Chennai will get some showers on Wednesday night or Thursday.

Mumbai City will see a minimum of 21c and Scruz a minimum of 16/17c on Tuesday morning. However the day temperature in the city/suburbs will rise to 33c with East winds.

Kolkata dry with NE winds turning North by Wednesday. Drop in temperatures from Thursday morning. Misty on Friday morning.

Pakistan: Karachi which saw a high of 31c, still remains at around 19c in the night. 
Karachi, Hyderabad (Sindh) and Sukkur will see the nights cooling down as N-2 passes by Thursday. Expect 15/16c in Karachi and 12/13c in Hyderabad.


Abhijit Modak said...

Here are some of old records for Pune Min temp published in today's The Indian Express

Abhijit Modak said...

Today Badlapur also more chill than yesterday as further 0.6 C dip than yesterday's min temp..

Today Badlapur records 11.9 C as min temp @ 6am.

Abhijit Modak said...

As per all local Marathi Newspaper(Mumbai Edition) Water cut started in Thane District's most cities like Thane, Kalyan-Dombivli, Mira-Bhayandar,Bhiwandi, Ulhasnagar, Ambernath & Badlapur area as Andhra lake in Pune district not overflowed this year due to less rain and is at 71% only.

Some newspapers link below :-

Abhijit Modak said...

Today Some Cirrus clouds are also present in the sky here in Badlapur from early morning.

Abhijit Modak said...

Today's dated 20/11/2012 Min temp of some cities of Maharashtra

(Santacruz 17.4 C, Colaba 22 C)
Dahanu 16.6 C
Ratnagiri 15.4 C
Pune 8.6 C
Nashik 8 C
Satara 10.2 C
Sangli 13.6 C
Aurangabad 12.6 C
Parbhani 10.6 C
Nanded 11.5 C
Solapur 14.1 C
Nagpur 10.5 C
Akola 11.7 C

Now some min temp from IMD AWS

Thane 19.2 C
Karjat 12.2 C
Badlapur(own measured ) 11.9 C

Abhijit Modak said...

Today's dated 20/11/2012 Min temp of some remaining cities of Maharashtra.

Mahabaleshwar 13 C
Alibaug 16.8 C
Jalgaon 8.1 C
Ahmednagar 7.9 C lowest in Maharashtra.

Junaid said...

@abhijit if u can get the panvel temp info ,,do put them also in ur comments

Abhijit Modak said...

@ Junaid. Would like to post Panvel temp info also.. But IMD does not have any temp readings setup in Panvel or Navi Mumbai belt ! @Rajesh Sir. Whether Panvel or Navi Mumbai has any temp reading or weather stations ?

Rohit 10 said...

@ Rajesh sir : can this low (remnant of bb 11) after merging into the trough again develop into a DD or a tropical storm..

can you please explain the reasons in detail as to why not / yes ( i just have a curiosity ..)

sset said...

Hope something measurable comes to rescue of South India, else fear of desertification haunts.

New theory.....

Rajesh said...

Abhijit: The previous low for November was in 1984 at 6.2c, and 1984 winter was severe all over.November record is of-course 4.6c
All time lows for Pune:Pune was 2.8c on 1st Jan 1995.Lowest 1.7c 0n 17th Jan 1935.

Junaid/Abhijit: For Navi Mumbai there is 1 site, but not very regular in updating:

Rohit: I have the link given by you, and seen it before. But, relaible sources like Max and even wikipedia claim it is not reliable.
I personally also see some minor "wrongs" in the site. But overall its good.

Record for Lowest max for Scruz remains at 22.8c on 25th Jan 1962.

Colaba is 23c on 14th Feb 1972.

Shall eloborate on the current weather in blog tonite (Tuesday).

Abhijit Modak said...

@ Rajesh Sir. Thanks for the records. It seems chillness reducing from today itself ! As today here 19 C @ 11pm. Yesterday it was 16 C @ 11.30pm.

Rohit 10 said...

@ Rajesh Sir : Thanks for the info..

can you please tell the link / source for the lowest max temp records .. i dont have much info on them ..

Krishna said...

HI Rajesh,

I am krishna from chennai. this year we had a great start to the rainy season and after that just no rain for 3 weeks you see NE monsoon strengthening again..just the belt between kavali and mahabalipuram in particular has received less rain...Nilam was a waste of cyclone disturbed the whole wind pattern i guess dumped all its water to already soaked North coastal andra

Posted 7th Night:   Many regions of Western, Central and some parts of Northern plains of India to heat up to above normal temperatures on 9...