Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Latest weather charts indicate a withdrawal of the SWM from Vidharbha and Marathwada. All the regions North and East of Maharastra are Monsoon free.
We see strong NW blowing in the plains of central India.

For Madhya Maharastra and Konkan (including Mumbai), I would like to wait till the UAC in the East Arabian Sea fizzles out.
Sporadic rains might just continue in the Konkan till this UAC is present.

Since the begining of October, Mumbai has been getting light rain in scattered areas. Would wait for the UAC to outlive its life span, and then declare the retreat of the SWM.


emkay said...

Quite interesting to see UTH covering Mumbai and adjoining sea under the dark blue band. But atleast on ground today it was bit more humid than last 2 days.

Anonymous said...

mumbai airport metar.
"VABB 050940Z 32012KT 5000 FU FEW020 SCT025 32/28 Q1009 NOSIG="

temp=32c and dewpoint=28c
heat index = 43C+ !!!

almost like chennai :)

Rajesh said...

emkay: UTH could be taken as a precedent and indicator of a seasonal change (in our region)and will be gradual. Low level humidity will vary depending on the wind direction.

anonymous: True, and the wind is NW

emkay said...

finallly thundershowerrs hiit South mumbai

junaid said...

finally rain wid thunder and lightning at panvel...started around 7:00 pm ,,,,it has starting raining steadily with moderate winds from the east....awsum display of thunder and lightening!!!!

Shitij said...

Whether the environmental conditions are becoming favourable for depression that may form in east Arabian sea around 20th October?

Rajesh said...

junaid:Thanks for the finally the much awaited TS

Shitij:We will see the developments in the near future, as it takes place.

junaid said...

today i thought that the monsoon had retreated from mumbai region... But noticed that it started to get humid by 2 pm it was very hazy and humid the thunderclaps and lightening can be seen toward the north eastern direction...the imd mumbai report says that panvel received 1cm yesterday and matheran 4cm places such as pen got 6cm,,,i guess today also it may rain at panvel ,@rajesh i see sum clouding of the uac in the arabian sea ,,,has the uac descended in lower levels please update about its status...

North India heat on 24th May From Navdeep Dahiya Maharashtra heat on 24th.. Graph courtesy Shri Hosalikar (RMC)