Sunday, February 06, 2011

Largest departure from a normal high temperature..Update on International Page…

AFTERMATH OF COLDEST SPELL IN 30 YRS...Details of the Mexico cold Wave on Arturo's Blog..kindly written on special request from Vagaries.

Neeraj reports from Kathmandu: "I think a record has been broken in Kathmandu. yesterday's (Friday's) high was 26.5 celcius, which is quite unprecedented. Previous Feb Record high was i think 25"

That is a bit high, considering the fact that the normal for this day, 4th. Feb, is 21c.

Well, on checking, I think the Kathmandu record for February is 27c, on a much later date, Feb 26th. 2006. As far as my record search shows, this is the Feb high.

But yesterday's reading could be an all time high for this day,4th. Feb, the previous high for the day being 23c.

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