Sunday, February 13, 2011

F2 on Schedule ! Heavy precipitation amounts in Pakistan, Saturday thru Sunday morning. From 53 amonst the highest at Pattan, and some other stations reading around 50 mms in Balochistan, to- 31 mms at Quetta, and 25 mms in Norkundi. Sevearal palces in Balochistan and upper Sindh are getting good rains.
Karachi, with overcast skies and very strong S breeze, is waiting for its rainfall today.

F2 has moved into India, and should pick up strength today, Sunday.

The indications mentioned in previous discussions in Vagaries of clouding and light precipitation running thru Kutch thru Rajasthan into NW India is also happening. Expecting light showers in S.Rajasthan and Kutch.

Syatem moving into Nepal next Tuesday/Wednesday, and should cover the entire country in 2 days. I know I am repeating this, but Kathmandu should get about 10 mms accmulated precipitation in 2 days.

Mumbai will as indicated on Friday get the clouds over its skies from Tuesday night/Wednesday, with some very light precipitation in some areas.

Not much precipitation expected in the South till Wednesday,and till then, some monitoring of an UAC will be needed.

Akshay, I think the days are high today, but will drop to some extent,in Central regions including Nagpur from Monday/Tuesday, due to W.D. effect.



Might be close to 1-2C less than present value.

Neeraj said...

Expecting the rains here on Tuesday and Wednesday .. I hope this system produces good rainfall.

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