Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Posted Tuesday 14th ..Afternoon:

For Farmers:
Aurangabad Region got good showers as mentioned on Monday/Tuesday with the A.P. recording 55 millimetres.
This rainfall of around 20-35 millimeters per day will continue for 2 more days.
Just received pic from Farm in Aurangabad District :

The Monsoon Axis is expected to slide Southwards towards its normal position in the next 2 days...

And an upper air trough will be Forming around M.P. region..
 Rains tracking From East M.P. towards West...
Good rainfall is likely in West M.P,and adjoining East Rajasthan. Gujarat regions will get moderate to good showers ( around 30-40 mms/day) and moderate rains in parts of Eastern Saurashtra. 
Rains will be heavy in Coastal Karnatak and Konkan.

Estimate for 14th/15th/16th:
Mumbai: Tuesday will be partly cloudy with a few showers. Wednesday 15th & Thursday 16th will see some increase in showers frequency. Around 40-60 mms /day.

Pune: Tuesday 14th and Wednesday 15th will see light showers in some parts with amounts around 5-10 mms. Decrease on 16th Thursday.

Surat: Surat had good rains as on 14th morning 24 hrs, with some areas getting around 100 mms. IMD station Surat recorded 64 mms.. This spell ( 40-60 mms) continues for the next 2 days till Thursday.

Jabalpur: Light to medium rains for next 3 days around 5-15 mms/day


sset said...

Vagaries on spot prediction... Navi Mumbai torrential flooding rains....

Ameya Patwardhan said...

Quite a subdued monsoon over pune

Deepak said...

Rajesh sir it's raining in Mumbai till Mira bhyander but not much rain in bhyander why it is like this

sset said...

Torrential rains for MAHARASHTRA and GUJARAT... looks like SWM 2020 is tailor made for 2 states?

Drought stares Karnataka/ Kerala - no systems are forming in lower latitudes no rains in Cauvery belt... early warning should be given in case rains fails this month or max beginning next month.

shiekhz said...

Hello sir...models showimg heavy rain over parts of southern Pakistan on friday...your forecast?

sset said...


Deadly Arabian sea warming up leading to surge in moisture in higher latitudes like MAHA and GUJ, faster advance of monsoon in higher latitudes leading to deficit and dry for lower latitudes states like KAR and KER

  Rainfall expected ; Tuesday 24 th/Wednesday 25th/Thursday 26th: Chennai: 30 mms/60-75 mms/ 30 mms Puducherry: 30-40 mms/75-90 mms/30-40 mms.