Friday, July 17, 2020

How Ghats are struggling and only Coastal Konkan are getting more heavy spells will be shown in below comparison

Let's do only July month Rainfall comparison till date 17-07-2020 to show how Ghats ( Mountain Ranges along the coast) are performing poorly this season! 

Maharashtra's Ghat ( Mountain Ranges along the coast) stations vs State capital Mumbai's Rainfall for July till Date

Note: We have not taken South Kokan coastal station as many stations only July month Rainfall is either ahead of Mumbai or is around of it. But considering just topper station Malvan from Sindhudurg which has recorded whopping 1575 mms rainfall in just 17 days of July which is highest in whole Kokan plains & also in Ghats of the state except of Amboli !

So now we will compare North Konkan's Mumbai July Rainfall vs Rest Ghats of the State 

Santacruz July 2020 Rainfall as on 17 July stands on 1179 mms which is higher than many Ghat stations!

Now lets see Maharashtra Ghats July Rainfall in mm below till 17-07-2020

Gaganbavda 1086 
Patharpunj 1083 
Kumbhi dam 1010 
Matheran 965 
Mahabaleshwar 932 
Bhira 905 
Dongarwadi, Tamhini 960 
Ambone, Tamhini 900
Shirgaon, Tamhini 880 
Navaja, Patan 856 
Davdi, Tamhini 830 
Radhanagari 828 
Kaas, Satara 809 
Koynanagar 774 
Kasari 714 
Lonavla 671 
Igatpuri 580 
Bhimashankar 542 
Lavasa 434 
Ahupe 400 
Khireshwar, Malshej 350 
Trimbakeshwar 183 

Also Below Rainfall pattern clearly states that 14 July to 16 July Active Monsoon Spell was just coastal strip Heavy Rains show and interior region of N.Raigad,Thane & Palghar districts saw just light Rain so it was not widespread level Heavy Rainfall event for North Kokan Division!


Jitendra Solanki said...

Any reason why BoB is technically silent this year? It is the main driver of monsoon.

Rajesh said...

jitendra.. Answered in the previous post.. Before this one

Jitendra Solanki said...

Yes! Thank you. I just read the previous post after I put the question over here!

Deepak said...

Rajesh sir our water level of Mumbai is too low this year what are the scenario in Comming days in July will it rain in wide spread in nature for Maharashtra including mumbai

Konkani Don said...

Sir south kokan and goa has been very good rains. While kerala is deficient.
Sir do you see that south konkan is getting more and more rains year by year?

sset said...

exactly I agree with you konkani

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