Monday, July 13, 2020

Posted Monday 13th for 4 days forecast: Farmers Forecast
Marathwada can expect good showers on Monday 13th and Tuesday 14th...Aurangabad District can get good showers upto 15-25 millimetres per day on 13th and 14th. There will be some decrease in rains on Wednesday 15th and 16th. Chance for water in the fields to get less after Wednesday 15th, and crops getting some sunshine to help growth.

Pune District will see some increase in rains on 14th, 15th and 16th..some increase in showers around 10-15 mms per day.


Unknown said...

Rajesh, this is thoughtful of you to bring in this farmers forecast for Marathwada region. Farmers there always face uncertainty. So this is really a good timely forecast from your side.

From a farmers perspective, could you also give your forecast for North and Central Gujarat in the coming 2 to 3 weeks? While West Gujarat has received excess rainfall other parts seem to be on the lower side.


Deepak said...

Any updates for Mumbai when rain will get pick up and much it will rain in Mumbai this week

Rajesh said...

Suresh: Marathwada farmers are in touch with me over the fone. Te
hey have now been directed to the blog, which they can also read in Marathi (There is a language choice in the blog on the right side). So, they will be regualrly seeing this Vagaries blog.

Deepak..Mumbai to get some increase starting Tuesday on a slight scale..but i see heavy showers on Wed and Thurs...Will update tomorrow.

Deepak said...

OK sir

sset said...

Marathwada has received very good rains as of now excess ! Aurangabad is with large excess. Southern india Kerala, coastal KAR Kodagu Malnad (source for Cauvery) is with large deficit. Kerala every year SWM is decreasing and becoming erratic. Hopefully Aug will be better?

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