Friday, July 10, 2020

Posted Friday 10th Afternoon:

The Monsoon Axis lies North of its normal Position.

Hence, heavy rains expected this weekend ( next 3 days) in U.P, Bihar ,Sikkim and NE States.
Moderate rains expected in Punjab, Haryana, Delhi and east M.P.

Subdued rainfall over Konkan, Interior Maharashtra, Karnataka, T.N, and NW India. Less rains in Gujarat and West M.P.

Estimate for this Weekend 10th/11th/12th July:

Mumbai: Partly cloudy with a few showers in parts of city. One or two may be heavy and brief. Around 15 -20 mms/day.
Pune: Partly cloudy with light rains upto 5 mms in parts of city.

Delhi: Cloudy with a few showers in parts of Delhi NCR. Chances of heavier showers on Sunday.

Kolkata: Chances of a heavy shower on Saturday. Rest a few showers in some parts.

Jabalpur: Showers spells expected in city on this weekend, and rains averaging 10-20 mms.

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