Monday, July 13, 2020

Struggling July Rains till now around NW Maharashtra Ghats including Mumbai lakes section

Below is Rainfall compilation in mm for July Rains in Ghats till today dated 13-7-2020

Lonavla 574 Igatpuri 495 Bhimashankar 452 Karjat 419 Malshej lee-side slope 274 (Windward may be around 400mm) Ahupe 351 Trimbakeshwar 178

Mumbai major Lakes which are located at interior North Kokan are performing poor till now !

July Lakes area Rainfall in mm till today dated 13-7-2020

Bhatsa 481 Middle Vaitarna 366 Modak Sagar 351 Upper Vaitarna 342 Tansa 286

So Mumbai Lakes Position as on 13th July is on Actual 3.39 lml of Total Capacity 14.47 lml !! That is just 23% full. Last two years on same date storage was double at 45-47%.

Whereas North Konkan coastal places is performing better as good July Rains until now has been witnessed till today

Thane sees 900 mm & Mumbai SCZ 735 mm in July till now

Tulsi 926 mm & Vihar 646 mm (Lakes within Mumbai city near coast so performing good)


Hiten Patel said...

IMD 700 hPa charts shows location of UAC over Arabian Sea on different days. Another UAC is expected around 14th July over NW Bay of Bengal and subsequently located Odisha/Chhatishgarh/Coastal Andhra and track towards Maharashtra and adjoining areas.
Both UAC expected to merge in next few days
sir,it benifite Gujarat?
high or less rain in saurashtra?

Vinod Desai said...
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sset said...

Just wondering what happened to MAHA/MUM lake waters? 2019 SWM was extreme ++ torrential rains from june-nov lakes overflowed almost every month.

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