Monday, July 06, 2020

Posted Monday 6th July Afternoon:

Western End of Monsoon axis slides South and is at system AS-2...and follows a uneven line as shown..thru a Low pressure over Jharkhand.

The system AS-2 , now is locates in Western Saurashtra as a depression
DepressionIntense low pressure system represented on a synoptic chart by two or three closed isobars at 2 hPa interval and wind speed from 17 to 27 Kts at sea and two closed isobars in the radius of 3 Deg. from the centre over land.

Very heavy rainfall in Saurashtra and heavy in Gujarat from this system;
Details sent by Vag. Shitj Jain (Surat)

AS-2 system to deepen more and track Westwards..
Heavy rains in Western Saurashtra region ..Rainfall decreases after Tuesday 7th evening..But light rains continue in Coastal Saurashtra for a day.
Interior Saurashtra will see rains decreasing from Wednesday.

Surat/Valsad: Some showers on Tuesday and Wednesday..Rain amount about 15-20 mms/day.

Delhi: A sharp thunder shower possible on Wednesday 8th.

Mumbai: 6th/7th/8th: Cloudy skies with 3/4 Passing showers.
Windy conditions till Tuesday 7th.

Pune: Cloudy with light rains in parts of city. Upto 5 mms/day.


Cumulus arjun said...

So sir according to Vagaries monsoon still hasn’t set in most of north India?!

Rajesh said...

Arjun: As per Vagaries, Extreme west Rajasthan still to be covered..seems possible around 8th.
AAxis will move north again.

Abizer kachwala said...

Rajesh sir,its very very windy here in Nagothane with very heavy rains every 15 minutes since afternoon...what is forecast for next 2 days

Cumulus arjun said...

Thanks sir

irfman said...

Any changes for Karachi if the system is moving in a westerly direction?

Rajesh said...

irfman: System will move west, but weaken fast after Wednesday. Karachi can expect some showers on Tuesday 7th..then less after Wednesday.

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