Thursday, June 18, 2020

Rabale, Navi Mumbai 76mm
Scz & Thane 37mm
Colaba 26mm
Matheran max 24c with 28mm  Till 5.30pm  data from Abhijit
Posted Thursday 18th June 1 pm IST:

As per Vagaries, Monsoon moves into Pune with 22 mms rain at Shivaji Nagar and 27 mms at Pune A.P.
Regionally Mahableshwar got 75 mms rain (all rainfall figures till today morning.)

With Mumbai covered with tall clouds at 12.30/1 pm , and frequent showers with thunder, and with the UAC shifting West (as indicated yesterday) and bringing SW winds upto higher levels , we see the Monsoon moving into Mumbai today.

Meanwhile, Ratnagiri received 122 mms and Vengurla (Both south Konkan) received 163 mms.

I feel medium rains for North Gujarat on 20th/21st.


sset said...

Almost same date as SWM 2019 for Mumbai monsoon arrival rest is history .... non stop 24 * 7 rains till NOVEMBER. SWM 2019 had no break monsoon.

Rajesh said...

Dynamics of why the rain halted for Mumbai was explained in the blog itself..without getting too much in details. But overall i think it was clear..if not please br free to ask.

Nimish Thaker said...

Thanks for the update Rajeshbhai, yes, today looks 'Monsoonish' for the first time, on and off rains, thunder and winds with completely overcast skies. More clouds can be seen forming and coming towards the city, I think its going to be rainy & thundery today till late evening at least.

NilaY Wankawala said...

Where all others were in a haste declaring swm 2020 onset over Mumbai, vagaries stand committed to the highest standard set by themselves over number of years, refrained declaring the same till today. In fact it was very clearly explained with reasons in blog drawing NLM accordingly.Hodograph was indeed a new thing to learn in this process.

Ashish Gupta said...

Sir your prediction was spot on. Declaration of onset of monsoon over Mumbai by official agencies was premature. Today it genuinely feels like monsoon has set in over Mumbai. Kudos to you.

Shri said...

After a lot of if's and but's , happy to see monsoon finally venturing in Mumbai.

Unknown said...
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Rawat said...

New Delhi heat index is hovering between 53°c -58°c during afternoon. Worst weather dry heat is much better.

Abizer kachwala said...

Rajesh sir,extreme heavy rains in Nagothane..when this rains will stop..I fear rain going to be less in coming days

sset said...

Correct - Vagaries was spot on regarding Mumbai rains !
Seems unlike last year North Eastern regions are having good rains and monsoon axis has shifted bit more north.
Monsoon delay and less intensity is blessing for COVID hit Maharashtra and also considering extreme excess 2019 SWM for Maharashtra.

CA.Jiten R. Thakar said...

When Saurashtra will get rain?

CA.Jiten R. Thakar said...
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