Monday, June 08, 2020

9th June..The Low Pressure forms in Bay ..BB-2

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Posted Monday 1 pm:
Current spell in Saurashtra due to upper air instability...Decrease from Tuesday in the current spell of rains in Saurashtra.

A new Low is likely to form in the Central Bay region around 10th June..Likely to maintain strength to Well Marked Low/Depression  (998 hpa) and cross North A.P./South Odisha by 12th June. 
Heavy showers in this areas on 11th/12th.
Heavy showers for Vidharbh on 12th the system moves West.

Pressure Gradient difference of 996/1008 from Kerala to core  Seasonal Low by 11th, will pull up the Monsoon , along with the wind parameters, upto Goa and South Konkan by 11/12th June.

Goa: Next 3 days Showers of medium to strong intensity and monsoon weather from 11th.

Mumbai: Sunday night/Early Monday morning saw some moderate showers in Mumbai with Colaba recording 27 mms and Scruz 19 mms.
Monday 8th/Tuesday 9th/Wednesday 10th: Partly cloudy skies, with a daily shower or two with moderate intensity. The rainfall to increase from Friday 12th.
Pune: Partly cloudy skies with light rains in some parts. Rains show a slight increase from 12th Friday.

Delhi to remain very hot, as mentioned earlier, from Tuesday 9th thru Friday 12th....45c.

Jabalpur: Hot and dry weather the current week till Thursday. Thunder shower possible on Thursday 11th. Nights getting warmer.

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Rawat said...

From june end to mid August Delhi NCR most difficult weather to bear.very little rains only to add humidity.Hope this year we get some good rains!

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