Monday, June 29, 2020

Posted 29th June : 1 pm IST:

Outlook for 29th/30th/1st July:

Madhya Maharashtra Regions  (Pune/ Nasik/Ahmednagar) will get Thunder Showers in the latter part of the of these 3 days. 

Mumbai: Monday 29th: A thunder Shower possible in the late evening or overnight.
Tuesday 30th: Rain intensity increasing in many parts of city on Tuesday 30th night.

Marathwada will get thunder showers in some places and a shower or two upto 10 mms in Aurangabad region on Monday and Tuesday. Accumulated water drainage from fields will be easier with less rains.

North/North-West India including Delhi /Haryana will see hot dry days with temperatures shooting up. The Monsoon plays elusive for a few days.
Yet to advance (Vagaries View) in Western Rajashtan.


Rawat said...

Thanks sir, but I don't know why Imd in hurry to declare all india advance of monsoon.

Shri said...

Ohh ..bang on prediction...heavy thundershowers in Mira Road, North Mumbai.

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