Monday, December 23, 2019

Posted 23rd December evening

The low pressure in the South Arabian Sea exists and extends into the upper air.
The trough from the system towards the Konkan coast will form and subsequently the trough will extend from West to East along the 20N line.
Rains expected in Konkan, Madhya Maharashtra and Vidharbha from 25th Dec.

Christmas Rains expected

Temperatures were high in Goa today at 34c. Showers expected in Goa on 25th /26th.

Mumbai Scz was hot today at 34.6c...tomorrow will be warm and partly cloudy ⛅.. Light showers expected on 25th /26th.
Pune had light drizzle on Sunday 22nd night. On 25th /26th pune can expect showers. Rain reappearing on 29th and 30th December.

Aurangabad and Nagpur will also get showers starting from 25th to 30th. 


Pankaj said...

Most depressing climate in Mumbai today.

sset said...

Raining in Mumbai / Maharashtra since June - record rains - Satara worlds wettest place. In fact we are not seeing proper sunshine.
As predicted by vagaries heavy rains over Navi Mumbai!!!

sset said...

With rains in no mood to leave Maharashtra - price of onions may reach Rs.500.00 kilo.
Maharashtra is India largest producer of onions,oranges,mangoes,banana,grapes,strawberries,sugarcane

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