Thursday, December 26, 2019

Fatehpur in Rajasthan records - 3 c Thursday 

Delhi, Haryana and Punjab Experience Longest, Severest ‘Cold Day’ December Spell Since 1997

Delhi, Haryana and many Punjab Towns experienced its 10th straight day of intense ‘cold day’ conditions by 25th December, effectively making this the longest and severest ‘cold day’ December spell in the capital in the past 22 years.
The last time Delhi experienced a similar cold spell was back in December 2014, which also consisted of 8 successive ‘cold days’. 
However, the conditions in the ongoing spell are not just harsher, but the spell is also set to last longer.
"Severe cold day" conditions were observed across the capital, with departures from normal maximum temperatures registered in Delhi’s districts of (8/9c departure), 

Churu saw 1.3c and Mt Abu 1.0c on 26th Morning.
Leh -18c, Gulmarg -9c and Srinagar -5c.

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Saurabh said...

Many places in north india plains have recorded day time highs of 12 Celsius and below.

On the other hand.

Yes it did have an extended wet spell but then it has been fairly dry after that but still no winter

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