Sunday, December 01, 2019

Posted 1st December morning

Seeing the low development in the South East Arabian Sea, all attention again on the Arabian Sea sector.

The low will meet with some ridge, low humidity ( dry air), and shear resistance to track absolutely North.
We can expect a NORTH WEST track
Rains expected in Lakshdweep and Kerala now. Immediate rains there for 2 days.
Hence as of now, track prevailing, rains will lessen on west coast.
Light rain or showers in South Madhya Mah including Pune on Tuesday /Wednesday.
Cloudy over Mumbai on Tuesday /Wednesday.
A weak WD over N. India Hills from 2nd. 


Kaustubh said...

Sir why November has been bit warmer for Mumbai and costal areas? Is this coz of east and south east winds? When will Mumbai experience North and north Westerly winds and temperature dip?

Rajesh said...

Yes kaudtabh.. I have answered the question in my previous reply.
For Mumbai now let's wait for the low AS6 to be done with.

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