Saturday, December 14, 2019

Posted 14th Morning:

Uttarakhand weather: Nainital, Mussoorie witness season's first snowfall

Churu.. Readings as on 14th Morning: Max 13.3c and Min 12.5c.
Churu was the coldest in the day in the northern plains at 13.3c.

Maharashtra minimums:
Some Local mnimum s on 14th:

 Colaba (Mumbai ) 19.5c, Santa Cruz (Mumbai ) 18c,   (Mumbai) 15.9c,  Panvel 15.7c, Aurangabad 15.5c,  Pune 14.8c,  Matheran 14.8c. Nasik 13.6c, 
WD has moved away..expecting Night temperatures to fall in the North now., to single digits.

Maharashtra towns will see a fall of around 2c from the above readings on 14th /15th Night...
On the Other hand....

Australia  !! to swelter in heatwave with temperatures above 40C next week

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