Thursday, June 14, 2018

See Vagaries' Rainman Link updated regularly this Monsoon with astounding amounts...Link on Right side of Blog

Posted 14th Night (Thursday):

With the exception of the West Coast and the NE States where rainfall will be heavy, Moderate Rainfall will occur this weekend in Northern States of Kashmir, HP, Uttarakhand, Punjab and Haryana (including Delhi) and North Pakistan.
Heavy showers likely along West Coast. Special heavy falls in Central/South Konkan regions. Disticts of Raigad and Ratnagiri get >100 mms.

The break monsoon conditions with " No Meaningful Rains " will cover the weekend in the rest of the sub continent.
Monsoon not entering Gujarat before 22nd June.

Mumbai: Friday: Partly cloudy with few showers. Rains increasing in frequency after night. Amount 10-15 mms.
Saturday/Sunday: Cloudy and windy with frequent showers. 
Rain amount average 25-35 mms for Saturday and  35-45 mms for Sunday. (Average). Rains may continue into Monday.
Pune: Cloudy with drizzle in parts of city.

New Delhi: Not much relief from the heat, but cloudy with light rains on Saturday and Sunday will clear the air.


Abhijit Modak said...

Maharashtra ghats section rainfall in mms from 1st June till 15 June 2018:

Igatpuri 111
Lavasa 120
Matheran 123
Davdi, Mulshi 175
Khandala 189
Shirgaon, Pune 234
Bhimashankar 249
Mahabaleshwar 257
Gajapur 306
Patharpunj 317
Amboli 350
Radhanagari 375
Hasne 387
Patgaon 453
Dajipur 466
Gaganbavda 495

Poor monsoon show till now in western ghats of Maharashtra. That's why no waterfalls started yet in most of ghats section !

Rohit Aroskar said...

Coastal Karnataka/ Kar ghats performing well ..1000+ mms ..moving towards 2000..Kaveri in full force..Waterfalls, birds chirping everywhere..SI Kar(Bengaluru) has received almost 70% of annual rains ..Huge surplus ..
At Maha , no water for planted trees..
Concretisation increasing.. Desertification started in Maharashtra ?

Sunny said...

Haaaaaaaaaaaaa.good one Rohit .

sset said...

Rohit - after 3 years of successive drought southern India is receiving good rains. But this is only june, we need to see if tables turn during july-sept. Now do you agree if rains are good over MAHA,GUJ,Central India then it hardly rains over South west India (KAR / KER). This is good time that it has happened other way round. But if westerlies strengthen, seasonal low appears then we have already seen giant Maharashtra gets 500mm in 24 hrs with ease.

Refer to statistics Maharashtra has largest number of trees, govt plants 50 crore trees in 5 years, largest number of birds, Mumbai is only city largest number of sparrows (Bangalore sparrows vanished 10 years back - no huge trees), largest mangrove forest in India - flamingos.

sset said...

By the no place in KAR is moving towards 2000 mm it is exaggerated. Rains over south west coast will decrease by end of this week and MAHA bomb will start !

Deepak said...

Yesterday it rained but mira road but today still no rain

Abizer kachwala said...

Rajesh sir,As per your forecast heavy spells of rain are lashing nagothane from yesterday night 7pm...

sset said...

Vagaries 100 % on spot correct. Indeed it is raining heavy over Navi Mumbai.

It will big relief and GODs blessing for rains over Kerala,Karnataka continue for 3 more months - Cauvery river in glory is a rare sight to see since successive droughts. Tension between KAR/KER/TN/AP will reduce and relief for poor farmers.

Rohit Aroskar said...

Kar ghats / Coastal Kar / SI Karnataka shining ..Moving towards 2000 swiftly..500 mms daily rains ..Bengaluru more rains than Mumbai ..waterfalls everywhere..Kaveri filling dams.. Maha no meaningful rains..Concretisation in full swing ..Is Maharashtra moving towards desertification ?

Naveen Reddy said...

Historic rains in Karnataka after 3 continuous monsoon season failure, District wise toppers 1st June to till 15th June 2018 8:30 AM ( In mm ).

Ballamvati village in Madikeri District tops with massive rains. Talacauvery the source of River Kaveri head waters and Kerekatte from Sringeri taluk of Chikmagalur district also in the list( Not included as Detailed figures not available currently).

Madikeri District
Ballamvati - 1264
Birunani - 1259
Aiyamgeri - 1184
Yemmemadu - 1131
Hudakere - 1121
Bettadalli - 1081
Napoklu - 1074
B. Shettigeri - 1058
Bhagamandala - 1024
Nariyandada - 977

Shimoga District
Angadadhudhuru - 1243
Agumbe - 1162
Yadur - 1145
Mashtikatte - 1081
Hulikal - 1074
Kairakunda - 1016
Nagara - 923
Mani - 918
Karimane - 904

Chikmagalur District
Samse - 1249
Kirugunda - 951
Urubage - 929
Kottigehara - 901
Hanthur - 849
Sringeri - 827
Kammaradi - 800
Kigga - 798

Hassan District
Maranahalli - 1020
Kyanahalli - 883
Hongadahalla - 873
Hethur - 857
Hanbalu - 822

Udupi District
Kollur - 1026
Amsebail - 900
Renjala- 854

Uttarakannada District
Wajgod - 870
Kodkani - 866
Akheti - 633

Dakshin Kannada District
Indabettu - 1125
Charmadi - 848
Nada - 780
Belthangady - 751
Shirady- 674
Dharmasthala - 638
Kukke Subramanya - 578

Belgavi District
Kanakumbi - 422
Londa - 185

Source: Compilation from IMD Data, PJ and KSNDMC.

Sunny said...

Absolutely right Rohit .

It must be raining like roaring waterfalls in bengaluru...
Birds chirping under the green canopied dense forest of Bengaluru

Sunny said...

Vasai ..lashed with good rains since morning .
Finally some good rains are here to stay .

Abhijit Modak said...

@ Naveen. Wonderful compilation. Nice to see Kar Ghats performing well this year.

@ Rohit. Well said. And see irony that Kar ghats expected figures is suddenly exaggerated! And someone can exaggerate Navi Mumbai rains as many times from continuous past 3-4 yrs we have to bear it and false impression is spread to our genuine bloggers that is never concerned !

Rohit Aroskar said...

Yup ..Abhijit :)

Rawat said...

Meanwhile between konkan vs kar battle New Delhi will be more than happy to get 20mm rain only!!!

sset said...

Abhijit, Rohit please read what Naveen has written...

sset said...

Navi Mumbai torrential downpours since yesterday!

Neeraj said...

Rain mixed with dust - people woke up saturday morning to find parked cars, their lawns etc covered in brown layer of fine mud/dust

Rawat said...

Rajesh sir,IMD in April mentioned in its forecast 100% LPA rainfall for NW INDIA.Last few years all monsoon lows have travelled towards central india and thence east Rajasthan.SUBDIVISION of Punjab Haryana and Delhi are always in bottom of rainfall chart.What are this year expectation please throw some light.

sset said...

Looks like 24 * 7 torrential rains. Mumbai may enter into flooding by tomorrow. IMD puts red alert over konkan !

Sunny said...

It was pouring heavily in Mumbai suburbs..Andheri n powai area.

Karan Kumbhar said...

Cool day in Pune today, max 27.9°C.

Overcast conditions with drizzles in parts.
Rainy conditions making a comeback.

Rohit Aroskar said...

@Navin ..great complilation ..all ghats of Kar 1000+ mms and approaching 2000 fast ..Kaveri in full flow ..

Unknown said...

Sir please forecast for Sindh Pakistan specially Nawabshah
Latitude: 26.244221
Longitude: 68.410034
DMS Lat: 26° 14' 39.1956'' N
DMS Long: 68° 24' 36.1224'' E

Strong Western Disturbance is seen affecting the country and the subcontinent. Heavy rain and snow reported from Himalayas, and rain/thunder...