Thursday, June 28, 2018

Yesterday saw Moderate to Heavy spells over North Kokan region. Rainfall details in map format:

Map by Vagarian Tejas & Data compiled by Vagarian Abhijit

Posted Thursday 28th Night: 


Friday will see some on & off passing showers with a few heavy spells in some parts of City. Average rainfall expected around 25-40 mms.
Weekend also same trend to continue, with increasing from 1st July. 

Pune: Passing light to moderate drizzles/showers next 3 days. Rainfall around 3-5 mms.

South West Monsoon has moved into capital Delhi & in Haryana, Punjab, Uttarakhand & Himachal Pradesh regions today. 

Ludhiana recorded 114 mms of rain in 9 hrs, Hissar 44 mms, Dehradun 19 mms, Delhi (Palam) 6 mms in 12hrs on Thursday.

The Northern and NW regions of India will get continuing monsoon showers/thundershowers next 3 days with some heavy spells possible around NCR over weekend.

Vagaries Rainman PJ sends us some interesting rainfall data from Karnataka ghat section.

Top rainfall (1700 mm & above) in Karnataka till 28.06.2018

1. Kollur, Udupi - 2108 mm

2. Agumbe, Shimoga - 1973 mm
3. Hulikal, Shimoga - 1869 mm
4. Naladi, Kodagu - 1836 mm (Till 23rd June)
5. Mastikatte, Shimoga - 1808 mm
6. Bhagamandala, Kodagu - 1714 mm
7. Yadur, Shimoga - 1692 mm


Rajesh said...

Congrats Abhijit

Karan Kumbhar said...

Some rainfall data for various divisions from 1st to 27 June (source IMD)

1. Coastal Karnataka (+17)
Does not include massive downpours in last week of May
2. SI Karnataka (+36)
3. Kerala (+19)
4. NI Karnataka (+14)
5. Telangana (+22)
6. Coastal AP*(-5)
7. Rayalseema*(-3)
8. Konkan(+52)
9. Madhya Maharashtra(+19)
10. Marathawada(+43)
11. Tamil Nadu*(+5)

All divisions in South near normal .
It must be noted that the only divisions with slight negative rainfall deviation have low avg rainfall.

Compare this to

1. Gujarat(-34)
2. Saurashtra and kutch(-93)

We all know what are facts and what is fiction.
Bonus : the ever so brought about kaveri basin has surplus in SIK region at +36%.

Unknown said...

sir when heavy to very heavy rain possible in rajkot city plz reply sir and as now present conditions no rain in rajkot so when rain was possible here plz say rajesh sir

Aks said...

Thanks Mr. Karan Kumbhar to get the facts out vis-a-vis fiction being falsely published by some other guy... SO now ppl will not believe false propoganda's of droughts in AP & Telangana...

More importantly, hope for bounty rains in Guj & Saurashtra region so that they come in normal range of monsoon...

I request Rajesh sir not to alow publishing of fake personal figures and data of sset...

sset said...
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Cumulus arjun said...

Mumbai Santacruz ends June 2018 with 792.5 mm(299 mm above normal)

Mumbai Colaba ends June with 787 mm with (278 mm above normal)
First rain in Santacruz fell on 2 June
First rain in Colaba fell on 4 June.

Monsoon made onset over Mumbai on 9 june( 1 day before)

Heaviest rain in Santacruz in 25 June with 231 mm(heaviest in 3 years)
Heaviest rain in Colaba on 10 June with 164 mm

Santacruz received rain in June on 16 days(+2 days)

Cumulus arjun said...

Ahmedabad has received just 7.7 mm this june

sset said...

Akshay - Last 5 years GUJ/RAJ has always received excess rains but KAR,AP,KER suffered. It is always monsoon axis, position which determines rain intensity. This is just one month of rain next 3 months we do not know if monsoon shifts pattern? GUJ rains and floods are always JUL/AUG you have time. Slight delay in rains and you have blogged with strong phrases. Every state requires water and not just MAHA,GUJ,Central India.

Unknown said...

Hi Rajesh, there are reports of very heavy rain in Mumbai and West coast from Sunday / Monday going into extra week. Could you please let us know your forecast ? Could you also include North Gujarat ? Thanks.


Aks said...

Precisely sset. You are just judging of perceived drought only in 1 month when it's not even there as proved. So when you are not judging for 1 month for central india then don't for south as well as you mentioned if drought in AP and TEL when figures say otherwise. Also central india receives almost entire rains in sw monsoon unlike south which benefits from NE monsoon as well. So if there is no judgemental statements from you things will stop mutually.

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