Saturday, June 09, 2018

Posted Saturday Night:
Saturday Night will see less rainfall with a few showers
Sunday will be less wet than what Saturday saw..but windy. Intermittent (not continuous) showers amounting to around 40-45 mms. 

For Mumbai when we say 40-50 mms, it should be taken as the average of the recording stations. Mumbai being 40 kms from North-South and 20 kms East-West, we have a varied rainfall at all places. So, average is taken by Vagaries to estimate. Like for Saturday (Daytime) the average was 110 mms.. 


Khan Gazanfar said...

Saturday average was accurate

sset said...

saturday konkan gaints -> in cm.. Sindhudurg 500mm in 24 hours !

Malvan (dist Sindhudurg) 49, Vengurla - Imd Pt (dist Sindhudurg) 27, Bhiwandi (dist Thane) 21, Devgad (dist Sindhudurg) 19, Kudal (dist Sindhudurg) 17, Panjim - Imd Obsy (dist North Goa) 14, Tbia Imd Part Time (dist Thane) 14, Murud (dist Raigad) 13, Panvel_agri (dist Raigad) 13, Sawantwadi (dist Sindhudurg) 13, Canacona (dist South Goa) 13, Mapusa (dist North Goa) 13, Guhagarh (dist Ratnagiri) 11, Khed (dist Ratnagiri) 11, Harnai Imd Obsy (dist Ratnagiri) 10, Ratnagiri - Imd Obsy (dist Ratnagiri) 10

Again Konkan proves to be hot spot for rains (last 5 years) beating Augumbe and Cherrapunji.

sset said...

Next few years Konkan Area will become like 'Bermuda Triangle' hotspot for most extreme rains!

Navi Mumbai gaints (saturday rains)
belapur - 155 mm
Kharghar - 120 mm
vashi/nerul - 100-120 mm

Konkani Don said...

Raining extremely heavy on konkan coast from Mumbai to Goa. Looks like Excess Monsoon rains this year for Konkan & Goa sub-division.

Aks said...

For sset... Who perennially has sadistic views on monsoon in South and tend to believe Mah Guj MP only gets major share

Aks said...

Sset pls check and get happy... Now let mum mah guj mp raj get super rains as well

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