Sunday, June 03, 2018

Posted 3rd June night...

South West Monsoon has moved up as a feeble current to just North of Mangalore along the West Coast..with the help of a weak Low off the coast as seen in the NMCC chart.
Last 24 hrs rainfall in Kerala (Over 30 mms): Kayamkulam 126 mms, Alapuzzha & Vaikom  84 mms, Ponnanai 81 mms, Kottayam 40 mms, Haripad 32 mms.
Now, Stagnancy along West coast for a few days, but SWM moving up onto rest of TN and South Peninsula. Core pressure in Seasonal Low has dropped to 994/996 mb today.

East West Shear zone is prevalent along 12N, and a feeble push along the upper air divergence is seen in that region.

Around 8th June, A Low pressure AS-4, is likely , or can possibly form, off the Mumbai coast at around 17N & 70E. The off shore trough is likely to get very strong, and this AS-4 my deepen and move NW. (Chances of forming medium)

Mumbai: 4th/5th 6th: Partly cloudy and hot at 33/34c. With chance of Thunder showers in the evening in some parts. Considerable increase in rainfall or Mumbai after 7th June. SWM may advance on 8th June.

Heavy Thundershowers expected in N.I. Karnatak, adjoining South Telengana and South Interior Mah in the next 3 days fro 4th June.
Some Showers expected in Central and Eastern Saurashtra.

Very hot conditions in NW India (Rajasthan). 48.2c at Ganganagar was the hottest in India. Kota saw a minimum of 32.7c.... and 50.0c at Sibbi hottest in Pakistan. Rohri in Pakistan saw a minimum of 32c.
Delhi NCR: Temperatures in the day likely to rise to 43/45c during the next 3/4 days. 


Nilesh Ladhad said...

What about Valsad?

shiekhz said...

Sir is the system going to deepen into a depression?

shiekhz said...

And will it steer with jet stream?

Shitij said...

Rajesh sir as you said low pressure will form off Mumbai coast and will move NW but sir why it will move NW?? As it's a low pressure so it's movement will be guided by low level winds and low level winds are from SW so it should move along the coast and should reach to South Saurashtra sir please explain your views sir

Konkani Don said...

Raining very heavily Chiplun since last 1 hour

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