Saturday, June 30, 2018

June Month Rainfall Map for Mumbai region & Ghats section of Maharashtra with toppers from MH

June 2018 Rainfall Map of Mumbai MMR in North Kokan division 

Maharashtra's Western Ghats region Rainfall for June 2018

Map by Vagarian Tejas Baxi  & Data compiled by Vagarian Abhijit Modak

Mahrashtra Rainfall Toppers from 01.06.2018 to ending 8.30 am on 30.06.2018
in mms

1. Devgad, Sindhudurg - 2006
2. Ratnagiri, Ratnagiri - 1830
3. Malvan, Sindhudurg - 1772
4. Ramehwar, Sindhudurg - 1668

5. Rajapur, Ratnagiri - 1577
6. Amboli, Sindhudurg - 1548
7. Vengurla, Ratnagiri - 1535

8. Khamgaon, Raigad - 1526
 9. Kotwade, Ratnagiri - 1480
10. Guhagar, Ratnagiri - 1478
11. Satwali, Ratnagiri - 1470

Topper list from Vagaries Rainman PJ & 1 input from Vagarian Shiv


Unknown said...

How is July shaping for Central and Northern India ? Seems MJO has quickly exited from the subcontinent and all eyes are on the possible July 6th low , your comments on it are awaited

Regards, Ananth

VISHWAS said...

No rain in mumbai. bright sunny day... In mumbaiwhen heavy rain fall in mumbai?

Rawat said...

With monsoon trough shifts foothills parts of northwest india including new delhi palam can reach 40℃ in next 2-3 days

sset said...

Today I would like to share my experience.
Come monsoon we always read lake levels published by Rajesh/Abhijit/Rohit with eager. Today I visited Vaitarna dam/lake (upper and middle vaitarna). My GOD even if die 1000 times Vishnu/Shiva cannot create beauty of nature. Infinite dense forested mountains, infinite crores of dense huge trees,infinite waterfalls, everywhere greenery whole land is like emerald green. Vaitarna is such a huge like looks like might ocean! Beauty of nature - no use of switzerland - Maharashtra itself is so scenic! Guess by next month Vaitarna will start overflowing - Mumbai water supply. All the route from saket road,Shahpur,Asangao,vaitarna - Modi/Fadnavis 50 crore tree plantation - 13 crores already in progress - I could pits with new tree saplings at all possible open spaces. Beyond imagination!

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