Saturday, October 22, 2016

Posted Saturday Night....10.30 pm IST:
BB-14 moved E/NE from our last report, and is located currently at 15N and 92E. Estimated core wind speeds at 25kts. 
Expected track is NE, and intensification expected.

Vagaries sees reducing and decreasing possibility of significant re-curving after reaching Myanmar coast. If at all it re curves, it will start to weaken considerably.

NEM is delayed till at least end October...


sset said...

Horrible NEM for Rayalseema,Anantapur,Chittor (south AP - full dry drier driest)

Taken from KEA blog (october rains) - what will happen to south India??

Kurnool - 9.3 mm (90 percent below normal)
Nellore - 5.2 mm (98 percent below normal )
Cuddapah - 4.0 mm (95 percent below Normal )
Tirupati - 2.7 mm (98 percent below normal)
Anantapur - 0.4 mm (99.9 percent below normal)

Shreyas Dhavale said...

Late onset of rains doesn't mean that south/SE India will become a desert or a parched area. No need to get over excited about the lack of rains in October. There are still 2 more months left and there will be a tropical system in next two months to hit TN/south AP and give good rains.

Record Mumbai Rainfall as on 18th morning.. Tauktae tail wags!

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