Thursday, May 29, 2014

Thursday 29th May...heat wave arrives in North....

Ganganagar­46.8c;   Churu­46.7c;   Sheopur­46.6c;   Khajuraho­46.4c;   Kota­46.2c; 
Delhi(Palam), Hissar, Bikaner and Chittorgarh­46.0c.

In Pakistan, it was hotter with Sibi at 49.5c and Jacobabad at 49.0c. 
This was mentioned in Vagaries blog on 21st May and again on 23rd May :-"..and 50c by May end. heat wave spreads to rest of Sindh and Balochistan."

What is Mumbai Weather for the next few Days?

The remaining 3 days of May will be sultry, sweaty and partly cloudy. Day will be around 33/34c, and with W/NW winds, the humidity will be high. Nights will be cloudy and the night temperatures will not go below 27/28c..maybe around 29c also.
On 31st , Mumbai may see slight drizzles in some parts as low cumulus clouds move inland from the sea.
Pre monsoon light showers will be actually experienced on 2nd/3rd June, with thundery developments on the 3rd and 4th of June. Winds from the SW pick up after 7th June.
Actual Monsoon conditions like dark blue sky with sharp clouds will develop after the 7th of June...SWM advance around 10th/11th June...

Eastern Outer Townships see thundery developments on 29th evening. Next 3/4 days will be hot and humid, and partly cloudy. Thundery developments with squall and rains n 3rd/4th June.

Effect of BB-3 on Temperatures and Rainfall in Bengal...Compiled by Vagarian Santosh from Kolkata

Keep watching "Flash Snippet" for Latest One Liners on weather...Flash Snippet on Right Side of Page

In Tamil Nadu, heavy Storms also reported by Babu Mathew from Kasargod. Rains lash Erode ...good effect of moisture coming in the Peninsula from Bay and Arabian Sea due to the LWD...(For details refer MW-1)
28th May 2014...Its Summer, but we see record Titalgarh, which sees highs upto 49/50c in heat waves:
In Orissa, Kesinga records 280 mms and Titalgarh 277 mms in 24 hrs...what an effect of BB-3 ! 
Titalgarh's 277 mms in 24 hrs is the highest EVER for this station for any month.Prevoius was 266 mms in Aug 1967.
The days high was 25c, 17c BELOW NORMAL and low 14.5c, 13c BELOW NORMAL !!14.5c is the lowest ever for May, previous was 19.8c in 1979...

Normal avg rain for May is 33 mms !!


Hrishikesh said...

some drizzle is good news for mumbai!!!

Vinod Desai said...

Rajesh sir,
I generally view in mobile and cannot see the flash snippet. How can it be visible to me.


Anonymous said...

Hello Rajesh Sir,

What is the forecast for Nagpur untill Monsoon is it going to be hot, as it is called the NavTapa here. Nine days of intense heat which started from Sun 26th May.


Arpit Sharma said...


Rajesh said...

vinod: See "web version" will get the original vagaries blog

Amit: yes, i had mentioned that the Central regions like Vidharbha will get monsoon after 15th..till then, in June it will be very hot..

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