Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Monsoon Watch -4 will be published on Wednesday at 6 pm IST....
What is the SWM Status ? Is the flow of WDs spoiling the Advance and the parameters ? Is any parameter disturbed ?..All this on..MW-4 On Wednesday..!

Suggested Field Trip to IMD Pune...See Vagaries Meets in Pics Page for Details and confirming..

Heavy Rains in North Rajasthan on 13th, as estimated in Monday Post:
Dust storm accompanied with heavy rains lashed north-west Rajasthan affecting normal life as Churu received the maximum rainfall of 43 mm, minimum temp 16.7c ( -7) . 
A high intensity squall accompanied with thundershowers also hit Jaipur and its sub-urban towns in the wee hours Tuesday. People woke up with thick layer of sands and fallen apart leaves in their premises. 

Pilani recorded a maximum rainfall of 42.1 mm, Ganganagar 23.2, ( min 16c ( -7), Bikaner 21.2, Min 18c (-8), Jodhpur 2.4, Ajmer 1.2, Jaipur and 1.0 mm.

 Dust storm coupled with thunder showers affected normal life.

Some memories of a "Chilly Summer", 32 years back in North India..Delhi


Unknown said...

I think 1982 also witnessed the fury of EL-NINO.

Unknown said...

The year 1982 too witnessed or started witnessing EL-NINO effect.

Neeraj said...

Its hot here though. Max temp is above average for March, while min is hovering around or just above average. Daytime high around 32 for past week.(average for May 15.8 ~ 28.2).From 15 April onward, the max has always climbed above 30 C, except for a wet spell from 2nd to 6th May when the day's high was below normal. The lowest min-max for May so far is 13C-21.5C on 5th May, which is not unusual for this place as max temp plummets during wet spell in this time of the year.

Weather outlook till Friday 31st March - As we calculated in mid March after the Heat spell,  remaining days of March stayed below 40c in In...