Thursday, March 06, 2014

Posted on Saturday Night:
Saturday, Delhi maximum 27c, Mumbai 30.6c and Pune at 33c.
,..Storms in Marathwada. Parbhani gets 32 mms.
Islamabad rises to 25c, with Chorre and Mithi at 34.5c....all as forecasted.

M-1 moving in to Pakistan Sunday...

Posted Friday evening: Thunder and Rains in Bangalore....

Friday Morning Rain figures from Marathwada and North Mah areas on Pradeep's Page  

What is in Store for the weekend ( 7th/8th/9th March) now, Weatherwise ?

Friday and Saturday: Thunder storms and rains in Nasik, Aurangabad and Marathwada regions of Maharashtra.. Lighter rainfall in Pune, Satara and Solupur region. West Vidharbh also gets some Thunder showers in the evening.
Light showers in Coastal Odisha. 
Dry weather elsewhere. This will result in a rise in day temperatures in the Sindh, Rajasthan and Gujarat regions. 

Sunday: Rains decreasing considerably in Interior Maharashtra. In fact, overall in the sub continent, the rains will restricted to small patches in Coastal Odisha and Interior Karnataka and Nasik/Jalgaon regions of Maharashtra.
The first WD of March, M-1 moves east into India on 10th March. Likely to be "moderately" strong, and effective in Northern plains for 2 days.

Sunday, we see M-1, the first WD in March, moving into Pakistan. Pakistan will see precipitation increasing in the North. Precipitation likely in Pak Punjab and Extreme North of the country. 

Cities This Weekend:
Islamabad will be partly cloudy a bit warmer ( 24/25c) on Friday and Saturday.. Sunday, with showers, with the day around 22/23c.
Karachi warming up this weekend to 33/34c with good sunshine. Places in interior Sindh would be recording upto 35c this weekend.

Delhi NCR and North Indian plains cities will see days going to 27/28c.

Mumbai will be clear and sunny, but still bearable with a low level of humidity compared to the normal sweaty level. With the temperatures around 31c and 21c.

Pune remains partly cloudy with chance of light rains in some parts on Sunday evening. Otherwise sunny and around 32c in the day and 15/16c at night.

Hyderabad stands a chance of seeing a shower or two on Friday, clearing after that.

Bangalore: If at all Bangalore sees a chance of a shower, it will be on Friday. Saturdy and Sunday carry little chance of rain, with the days going to 31/32c, but 19c at night.

Delhi Weather saw gales upto 84 kmph on Wednesday 5th March...See Details below by Arpit...
See Current Weather Page for Uusual Day Temperatures in Vidharbh on Thursday....


sset said...

usual Maharashtra continous to remain hot spot for rains in recent years. Nagpur oranges have arrived in full splendour, almost all huge jamun trees are already heavy with full bloom of jamun flowers, mango trees, drumstick trees are in full bloom arrival of spring...Cackoos are having jolly time.. few months Mumbai back to rain...rain... But in recent years March usually remain highest temperature for Mumbai unlike other cities.

Rajesh K said...

Bangalore having nice sun...pleasant weather

Hrishikesh said...

Mumbai having pleasant windy and scattered clouds with dropping pressure

Abhijit Modak said...

Some Int Maharashtra Rainfall till 5.30pm today (09-03-2014):

Parbhani 23.0mm
Yeotmal & Akola 13.0mm
Pune AP(Lohgaon) 9.0mm
Pune 2.0mm
Sangli & Osmanabad 1.0mm
Satara 0.6mm
Aurangabad 0.4mm
Kolhapur 0.2mm

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