Monday, March 10, 2014

Explaining Very Briefly, M-1 moves into India. Rain and Thunder showers already precipitating by Sunday evening...while Karachi and Nawabshah were warm at 34c, Chorre being high at 35.5c.
Monday and Tuesday,Northern Regions of Pakistan, that is Islamabad and North Punjab regions can expect very heavy showers. With 3 mms today, Islamabad day dropped to 18c, Day temperature may drop to 15c in  Monday. May cause local flooding as downpours will be heavy.
Upper Sindh and Pak Punjab can receive showers and cool days.

Snow expected in Kashmir, and local heavy rains will cause hardships and travel difficult on the mountainous roads. Indian Punjab, Haryana and North Rajastan gat rains from the system too.
Thunder showers expected in Delhi till Wednesday, and may precipitate upto 25 mms acuumulated till Wednesday. Heavy showers for NCR on Tuesday.
And, back to back, M-2 will be approaching by 14th/15th of March.

M-1 spilling into Nepal on Tuesday, with showers in Kathamandu.

Maharashtra Special:
Meteorological conditions for heavy localised hailstorms persist in the Interior Maharashtra and N.I.Karnataka regions for the next 3 days. Regions in the Madhya Maharashtra, Marathwada and Vidharbh regions as well as North Interior Karnataka can get the heavy hail storms as has been the case for the lat 8 days.
In fact, conditions show the thunder cells closing in on the North Konkan region, with some places in the North Konkan region getting spotty thunder showers. 

Next 2 days, Mumbai will be stuffy, cloudy and thunder heads developing in the eastern sky. Would expect light rains in some parts. But outer townships can get the showers on Monday or Tuesday.
In fact, seeing the movement of the UAC, it is very possible that showers may encroach into South Konkan, and that would mean damage to mango trees also !
Pune should get the thunder shower in some parts on Monday and Tuesday.

Sharp showers lashed Aurangabad on Sunday night, with 17 mms of rain falling till 11.30 pm IST (Sunday)....Aurangabad can get thunder showers on Monday or Tuesday, but the Eastern regions like Jalna and Buldana can see some heavy damaging rains.

In Marathwada, Parbhani has already accumulated 89 mms this month ( normal 2 mms till 10th), Nanded 50 mms, Osmanabad 37 mms, and Aurangabad 49 mms. Villages around Aurangabad have received between 50-70 mms in March. Lonar received 75 mms in 3 hours on Friday.
Akola region can also expect heavy showers on Monday /Tuesday.

Maharashtra Rain amounts as on 9th March on pradeep's Page


Unknown said...

Wats going on in Maharastra sir.....

There everyvere hailstroms...
When this thing are stop

Abhijit Modak said...

Rainfall of some cities in mms for Int Maharashtra ending 8.30am today(10-03-2014) :

Parbhani 52.3
Chandrapur 45.2
Nanded 22
Yeotmal 20.8
Aurangabad 17.2
Akola 14.3
Solapur 11.2
Pune AP 9
Jalgaon 1.6
Malegaon 5
Pune 2

Abhijit Modak said...
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Abhijit Modak said...

Baramati recorded massive 70mm rainfall in just 20mins yesterday afternoon !!

Hrishikesh said...

Nights getting warm in mumbai to 24 degrees Celsius

Hrishikesh said...

hot days and warm nights making mumbai uncomfortable hope the rains arrive early

Rawat said...

Sir, should we expect wet holi

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