Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Friday Morning:
Mumbai temperatures remain in the expected range exactly ...max at colaba at 31c and Scruz at 34c..even min today was 20c at Scruz and 22c at Colaba. Pune pleasant at 16.9c on Friday morning.
And Delhi falls short of a degree from prediction, touches 29.2c, with the minimum at 14.5c.
In Pakistan, Islamabad rises to 27.5c, but Sindh remains cooler than expected. Karachi maintains the day at 31c, while Chorre highest at 37.5c...
weekend forecast and situation tonite..

Visit to Mahableshwar in Pics ( 10th March 2014 - 13th March 2014)..visited the Met Office there. Inter acted with the Scientists there from Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (Pune)....Brief Report with Pics on Inter Active Page

Posted Tuesday 18th March  Evening: Forecast and scene for the next 3 days:

M-2: Moves away Eastwards, and leaves a trail of heavy rains and snow in the Northern regions of Pakistan and Northern hilly states of India. Some rain showers in Northern plains also.

Wednesday 19th, Thursday 20th  and Friday 21st, we see some light rains in the extreme North of Pakistan and adjoining Kashmir. Some localised thunder showers here from the moisture carried forward from the back to back two WDs.
Overall, rains decreasing in intensity in the Northern regions.
Islamabad, with sunny skies, slowly rising to around 26/27c.
Karachi remains sunny, and getting to around 34c next few days. Regions around Nawabshah, Chorr and Mithi in Sindh may see the mercury touching 40c.

Delhi NCR and Northern Plains will be dry with strong winds. Days will be sunny and hazy. Day temperatures expected to rise marginally, and nights to remain pleasant. Delhi will see the days just going above the 30c mark by Thursday,but nights pleasant around 15c.

Northerly winds will be sweeping the Upper Northern Parts of India, but meet with the upcoming South winds somewhere along Maharashtra between the 15N and 20N areas. 
Hence clouds possible with some spotty thunder showers could pop up along the interior Mah areas next 2/3 days. 
Mumbai, due to the N/NW winds in the afternoon and evening, will have the heat restricted to 34c (Scruz) and around 31/32c at Colaba. Even nights will drop a few degrees to around 19/20c.
Pune will continue to see some clouds popping up for a few more days. But, a fall in the night temperature possible, pleasant around 17/18c.

Eastern end of the Line of Wind Discontinuity formed, will see some localised instability. Here, along the Bengal coast and Bangladesh coast, some thunder showers could be possible.
Chances of a shower in Kolkata on Wednesday or Thursday in some parts.

An Easterly wave has gathered some strength, and moving Westwards. 
Next 3 days, Heavy falls expected in Sri Lanka and Southern tip of India. Kanyakumari and Tuticorin regions of TN can get showers. Southern parts of Kerala will get thunder showers.

Rains clearing and decreasing in Kathmandu from Wednesday. Days being clear , will surpass the 30c mark.


Sunny Arora said...

Rajesh ji what about M3 intensity which will arrive in north India around 22nd March ?

Rajesh K said...

South peninsula is very hot.. Sir will it continue? Or something will emerging to reduce heat.. Bangalore is at peak of around 37.. Rare moments for Bangaloreans..

Rajesh said...

Anuj: You are looking ahead...faster than me :-)...M-3 intensity will be strengthened with an induced low over Pak Punjab..so will be effective in Northern most regions,plains of Punjab (both) and Haryana, besides the hill states...more on Thursday.

Rajesh Kumar: The easterly wave will cover the southern tip of India (and Lanka), not Bangalore region. So, as Southerlies dominate, we expect the same heat in Bangalore , 35/36c till Sunday..

Neeraj said...

This year Kathmandu temp is yet to reach 30 degrees C mark. last year, 30 C was reached on the very first day of march itself. The highest this year is 28.5 C reached on 17th and 18th consecutively.

Last year, on March, 30 C or above was reached on the following days:
March 1: 30C ; March 15: 30C ; March 25: 31C ; March 26 : 30.2 C ; March 27 : 30.2C ; March 29 : 31 C, March 30 : 31 C

Last 30 C or above temp reached was on 11 Oct 2013 after which 30 C mark has not been reached.

Abhijit Modak said...

Warmer to hot conditions all over Maharashtra !!
Some max temp below for today (19-03-2014) :

Satara 38.5c
Kolhapur 37.9c
Jalgaon & Malegaon 37.8c
Solapur 37.7c
Ahmadnagar & Akola & Wardha 37.5c
Nashik & Sangli 37.4c
Nagpur 37.3c
Mumbai(SCZ) & Nanded 37.0c
Pune AP 37.2c
Pune 36.8c
Parbhani 36.6c
Gondia 36.3c
Yeotmal 36.0c
Panji,Goa & Amravati 35.8c
Ratnagiri 35.5c
Chandrapur 35.2c
Osmanabad & Washim 35.0c
Buldhana 34.6c
Aurangabad 34.4c
Dahanu 33.7c
Mumbai(CLB) 33.2c
Mahabaleshwar 32.7c
Alibaug 32.6c

sset said...

Anantapur Rayalseema crosses 38degrees. SE India towards desertification!!

Neeraj said...

Yesterday, March 20, from 2 to 4 PM, there was quite a heavy hail-storm in many parts of Kathmandu.

Unknown said...

Rajesh Sir, I heard of Light rains in some parts of Ratnagiri district yesterday on Marathi News channel. Is it true?

Hrishikesh said...

Mumbai pressure down to 1008 at 4:30pm

Rajesh said...

Raj Katalkar: No rains were witnessed in Konkan last few days...

Aniuj: M-3 moving in ...!

Strong Western Disturbance is seen affecting the country and the subcontinent. Heavy rain and snow reported from Himalayas, and rain/thunder...