Friday, March 21, 2014

Follow up report on Yesterday's ( Friday's) Post:
M-3 approaching and moving East with an Induced Low..Precipitation more in West Pakistan and parts of the North. Will increase from tomorrow as mentioned... Islamabad was cloudy with 27c as the high...
Should move into more regions as estimated yesterday..

Central regions of W.Bengal got the thunder showers as predicted..Bankura measured 2mms till 8.30 pm Saturday.
Kolkata should get the thunder shower on Sunday as predicted..
the Satellite image and Doppler aptly shows the Saturday showers...

Mumbai was very comfortable with 28.6c as the high at Colaba and 30.4c at Scruz
Hottest in India was 41.2c, and Some Southern India Hot Spots of Saturday, 

In Pakistan, Nawabshah was hottest at 37c.

Weekend, 22nd and 23rd March sees much of the rains from M-3 in Pakistan. Balochistan and Upper Sindh regions will start getting precipitation from this weekend, gradually increasing from Sunday evening....
Rainy Saturday and Sunday with intermittent rains for Islamabad..Days dropping to 24c.
Rains in Kashmir, HP and plains of Punjab and Haryana commence from Sunday, as M-3 moves Eastwards.
Delhi NCR skies getting cloudy on Sunday with the possibility of a thunder shower.

In West Bengal, thunder showers will occur this weekend, concentrating in the Central regions of the state.
Kolkata may see a thunder shower on Sunday.

Mumbai will see fair weather, with NW winds in the evenings, the days may be around 33/34c, a few notches better than last few days...expected to see a fall from next Tuesday/Wednesday.

from Rohit

Visit to Mahableshwar in Pics ( 10th March 2014 - 13th March 2014)..visited the Met Office there. Inter acted with the Scientists there from Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (Pune)....Brief Report with Pics on Inter Active Page


Ron said...

Absolutely clear skies today

sset said...

Huge fire breaks out at Tirupathi Hills (Lord Vishnu most sacred temple hills). Continous failure of NE monsoons, droughts, soaring temparatures (nearing 40c) has left Rayalseema dry. It is very likely that hills of ooty/Kodai may face similar issues.

Hrishikesh said...

Mumbai skies clear but windy and comparatively cooler than previous days few clouds in morning pressure currently at 1008 and dropping temp 29C

sset said...

Tirupathi 42c !!! -> march itself - God knows what will happen in next few months

sset said...

What is extreme weather turns are taking place in southern India (SE India??). Temperatures likely to cross 47c by March end- record heat wave for MARCH itself.

Rajesh said...

sset: see the hot spots in south...heating is a bit pre mature for the reason, but not necessary to touch 47c..thats too much for March !

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