Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sri Lanka Weather: On Monday, 16th Dec, Typical NE Monsoon Weather in Sri Lanka as the Easterly Wave has been pushed South. The Eastern Region and  Uva region are expected to get good showers Tuesday and Wednesday. Highest rainfall of 44 mms was recorded from Kahagolla Estate...and coldest was, as usual, Nuwara Eliya at 8.2c...

Dry weather for India and Pakistan next few days, with the HPA sitting pretty over the region. Fog enveloped the entire NW and Northern regions, with bisibility down to almost 0. 
Thick fog enveloped Delhi NCR and adjoining UP till 10.30 am IST. Amritsar reports fog till 2.30 pm IST with temperature not rising over 13c till last report.

The expected cold wave conditions for Northern Odisha and adjoining Chattisgarh prevailed (as per map). Monday Sambhalpur recorded a low of 7.8c....

More on the coming weather and wet spell in update late tonite...


ameya said...

Sir waiting for your update for the rest of the week and what is in store for mumbai/thane belt with the expected wet spell in north

ameya said...

Sir waiting for your update which was expected yest night on weather in thane/mumbai belt and what the expected wet spell effect be for our area in the following 4-5 days

Arpit Sharma said...

Minimum temperature today in the plains(18/12/13)...
Una: 4c
Chandigarh AP: 5c (Lowest in the country)
Lucknow: 5.2c
Kanpur: 5.8c
Pusa: 7c (Lowest in Delhi-NCR)
Hindon: 7.3c (2nd in Delhi-NCR)
Patiala: 7.8c (Lowest in Punjab)
Hisar: 8c
Amritsar: 8.8c
New Delhi(S'jung): 8.9c

 Posted 23rd October 1 pm Heavy rains for Kolkata and NE States on 23rd/24th from BB-12