Saturday, December 14, 2013

 Delhi Fog Pic sent by Rajiv...17th December 2013

Recent Middle East Snow of 15th December..Sat Image

See Maharashtra Temps (Sunday)on Rohit's Page..This List Prepared by Rohit

U.S. has some astounding News ! 98 high temperature records, and 141 high minimum temperature records, 1234 low max records and 606 low min records...and 2825 New Records THIS WEEK !!

Snow (Massive) reports from Up-State New York here...
Rare snow blankets Middle East..See International Page

Video on "Madi" from Santosh Subramanian (yet again)....see video

The 3 corner Cities of our map, Islamabad (5c) Chennai (25c) and Kolkata (14c) went haywire on the first weekend morning....Posted Saturday Evening

Posted on Friday Night..For the Weekend 14th/15th December


Abhijit Modak said...

Some Maharashtra cities min temp below for today(14-12-2013) :

Nashik 6.6c
Pune 6.8c
Nagpur & Aurangabad same @ 9.6c
Akola 10.2c
Solapur 12.1c
Ratnagiri 16.3c
Mumbai(SCZ) 17.7c
Panji, Goa 20.0c

Some around Mumbai AWS min temp for today :

Karjat 11.2c
Palghar 11.8c

Abhijit Modak said...

Some west coast cities max temp with min humidity for today(14-12-2013) :

Honavar: 35.3c with humidity of 31%

Ratnagiri: 35.2c with humidity of 17%

Panji: 35.0c with humidity of 38%

Mangalore: 34.8c with humidity of 34%

Mumbai(SCZ): 32.5c with humidity of 21%

Surat: 31.8c with humidity of 19%

Rajesh said...

Thanks Abhijit...Requesting Arpit to keep us Posted on the Una/Amritsar/Pusa scene...

Coldest on Saturday was Leh at -14c.

Abhijit Modak said...

Some Maharashtra cities min temp below for today(15-12-2013) :

Nashik 6.5c
Pune 7.0c
Aurangabad 9.6c
Akola 10.0c
Nagpur 10.2c
Solapur 10.8c
Mumbai(SCZ) 15.7c
Ratnagiri 16.1c
Panji, Goa 20.0c
Mumbai(CLB) 20.2c

Arpit Sharma said...

Una: 4.4c
Lucknow: 5.2c
Kanpur: 6.2c
Amritsar: 7c
Unfortunately Churu in this season is lagging behind...

Arpit Sharma said...

Lowest recorded temperature till today...
Una: 2.8c (14 Dec)
Amritsar: 5c (13 Dec)
Pusa: 5.5c* (17 Nov)

* Data of yesterday & today not available...

Arpit Sharma said...

The lowest minimum temperature of 5.2°C has recorded at   Lucknow ( Uttar Pradesh) in plains of the country.

Arpit Sharma said...

Una city which recorded 4.4c is also a plain area having an avg elevation of 370m but its in HP that's why it is not considered in plains. Like today it usually records the lowest temperature in the plains.

Rawat said...

I think pusa is capable of 0

Rawat said...

Hindon and pusa can go to 0 degree

Rajesh said...

Nilesh, cold spell in Odisha regions as expected on map...Sambhalpur drops to 8.1c.

Rajesh said...

Orissa state is experiencing very fine weather ..

Max temp in the state are mostly between 25 -30 c ..
Min temp in the state are mostly between 05 -18 c ..

Northern plateau - Kendujarhgarh : 26 / 08..
Central plateau - Phulabani : 26/ 06 ..
Southern Plateau - Nabarangpur - 25 / 09 ..
Eastern Ghats - Koraput : 28 / 08 ..

Mahanadi plains - Bh'war : 29 / 14 ..
Northern coastal plains - Baleshwar : 30 / 13..
Southern coast - Puri : 29 / 17..

Interior plains - Angul : 28 / 10 ..
Northern low plateau - Sambalpur: 28 / 08..
Southern low plateau - Titlagarh : 26 / 08..
Southern higher plains - Malkangiri : 31 / 12 ..
From Rohit

Arpit Sharma said...

Last season lowest minimum temperature...
Hindon: -0.6c
Pusa: 0.6c

Arpit Sharma said...

Minimum temperature today...
Una: 3.4c
Pusa: 5.2c (Lowest in Delhi-NCR)
Ludhiana: 5.2c (Lowest in Punjab)
Kanpur: 5.2c
Meerut: 5.6c
Hisar: 5.8c (Lowest in Haryana)
Amritsar: 6c
Lucknow: 6.2c
Hindon: 7.5c (2nd in NCR)

Abhijit Modak said...

Some west India's cities max temp with min humidity for today(16-12-2013) :

Ratnagiri: 34.4c with humidity of 16%

Panji: 33.8c with humidity of 22%

Mumbai(SCZ): 32.3c with humidity of 17%

Surat: 30.8c with humidity of 19%

Pune : 30.6c with humidity of 12%

Nashik : 30.5c with humidity of 10%

Abhijit Modak said...

AhmadNagar max temp 33.0°C & min temp 5.7°C today. So difference range of 27.3°C !!

Arpit Sharma said...

Minimum temperature today(17-12-2013)...
Adampur: 2.2c (Lowest in Punjab)
Una: 3.8c
Ludhiana: 5.3c
Lucknow: 5.6c
Kanpur: 6c
Pusa: 6.2c (Lowest in Delhi-NCR)
Hisar: 6.6c (Lowest in Haryana)
Amritsar: 7.8c
Hindon: 7.8c

Arpit Sharma said...

Correction Pusa: 6.4c

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