Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Mussoorie received the first snowfall of the season yesterday to the sheer delight of tourists, visitors made a beeline to the famous hill resort and its neighbouring Laltibba and Dhanaulti areas to be in the lap of snow-clad environs.
Testerday, Tehri was the coldest place in the state recording a low of 0.8 degree Celsius followed by Mukteshwar (1.6 degrees), Pithoragarh (2.6 degrees C) and Mussoorie (2.7 degrees C).
Today, In Kashmir, Gulmarg, covered with snow, saw a low of -9.3c, while Leh was -8.9c.

Meanwhile,  a new heat wave with maximum temperatures around 37 C (99 F), residents of Greater Buenos Aires prepare Tuesday to celebrate Christmas Eve. 

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sset said...

Seems NEM just disappered without any trace?? When it started(hardly started) when it ended(always an end) God knows!!!

sset said...

Many southern states state drought. TN is for sure(3 years continous drought). News about KAR drought.

Neeraj said...


Yesterday's Max temp climbed to 20 C which is a bit high for this time of the year; southern Nepal - in the plains, suddenly max temp seem plummeting due to fog.

Kathmandu bone dry, but temp in the normal range for most part (1-3 C min & 16-18 C max). Mornings, evenings and nights are quite cold but days are comfortably warm in the sun.Compared to last year, this winter is a bit warmer though.

Any chance of rain any time soon ?

Rawat said...

Hindon lost to pusa today which recorded 3.8 degree today . Might be coldest in NCR .meanwhile boarder city amritsar 2.2 degree .NW India returning to normal winter .

Posted 9th Night: Un Seasonal Rains Expected in Maharashtra..11th to 15th December. The effect of the Cyclone Mandous which crossed the T.N....