Thursday, December 26, 2013


After experiencing cold mornings & below normal min temps last whole week, now the conditions has got reversed as above normal min temps has been recorded in most parts of the state today !

We will see max/min temp trend for today(26-12-2013)..

As East winds are ruling the Konkan & Goa  region so days are warmer and min temp are also above normal by 1/ 2°C for this time of the year..

Mumbai (S'Cruz) max 33.0°C & min 19.4°C

Alibaug max 30.9°C & min 20.3°C

Ratnagiri max 33.2°C & min 18.4°C

Panji, Goa max 33.5°C & min 20.2°C

Dahanu max 27.5°C & min 19.4°C (Only place to see an below normal max temp today  !)

With East winds prevailing so days are comfortable in interiors part of  state but morning are less colder with above normal min temp by 1/2°C..

Pune max 28.2°C & min 12.0°C

Nashik max 28.9°C & min 12.7°C

A'Nagar max 30.5°C & min 12.0°C

Solapur max 30.4°C & min 14.7°C

Aurangabad max 27.6°C & min 14.6°C

Akola max 30.1°C & min 15.8°C

Nagpur 28.2°C & min 13.0°C

Nanded min temp 9.0°C (which is lowest in the state & also only place to see a single digit min temp today !) 

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