Saturday, August 10, 2013

Brief Report as on Saturday Evening

The UAC (A) over East MP ( I would not say it has descended to Sea Level), has moved West, and as referred in the Long term forecast, has brought rainfall over Rajasthan and we can see a string of moisture from Gujarat going towards the system. What was foreasted for Monday, will, it seems, now happen on Sunday.
Precipitation moves into Sindh on Sunday.

Also, a day earlier, the East Coast trough has formed with another UAC (B) embedded in it. The trough, as on Saturday evening, slants from Orissa SE wards away from the East coast, towards the UAC (B) which is East of Chennai, in the South Central Bay.
UAC (C) currently over the NE Bay off Bangladesh coast will merge in the Eastern trough.
Precipitation will occur over the Eastern coast up to TN, from Sunday, and increasing by Monday. 

UAC(A) moves away and weakens, (B) and (C) merge in the trough and strengthen it.

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sset said...

Rajesh sir any possibility of rain over interiors of KAR, Rayalseema?

Rajesh said...

sset: Would like to hold hopes as the new UAC embedded in the eastern trough starts precipitating from Monday..

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