Wednesday, August 28, 2013

BB-11 weakens to  1000 mb and lies over Bihar/Eastern UP. The UAC lies over East MP..Reasons for the sudden and fast weakening of the system are complicated, but mainly due to non support from westerly moisture at upper levels and weakening of the western end of axis. Weakening results in pressure rising and non supportive parameters from the west.

Though overall the pressure over Pakistan region is 1000 mb, a concise region of 998 mb forming in Sindh (Interior) , has pushed in some temporary moisture into the Sindh area. This is delaying the withdrawal of the SWM by a couple of days. Some isolated light rain likely in Sindh in pockets.

Thursday Outlook:
Heavy rainfall region will be concentrated in the North Chattisgarh/East MP and adjoining border regions of NE Vidharbh. The regions East of Katni in MP will be the area to watch. 
Lighter rainfall also covers the Northern and Central belt of UP. 
The main area covered will be from Meerut thru Kanpur stretching upto Bihar. Possible heavy showers in Patna.. Kanpur may get some heavy showers.

Interior TN and adjoining interior Karnataka get thunder showers. Possibility of these showers drifting into Chennai by evening.

Wednesday 28th August, Temperature Facts:
Hottest Place in India today was Ganganagar at 37.5c.Warmest in Maharashtra State was Solapur at 33.1c.
Hottest in Asia was Amarah, Basra and Nasiriyah (Iraq) at 44c. Pakistan, the hottest place was Dalbandin at 43c and Ibri in Oman was hottest at 41c.
Maximum Heat Index in the world today was at the Persian Gulf AP: 52.5c.
Vostok Station was the coldest place on Earth today at -69c.

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