Friday, February 22, 2013

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The 06UTC chart from PMD NMCC, shows F-3 getting "organised" and active over Pakistan. The trough, (WD) with the main primary Low is over Pakistan Sindh region, with the Northerly trough in the NE forming clouds over the North Indian regions. 

And Yes. Islamabad and surroundings had good rainfall last 9Thursday) night as mentioned, with 28 mms measured overnight. In the region, Mianwali was higher with 46 mms. Murree (35 kms away from the capital) received an inch of snow.

As expected, system will move into India tonite. Precipitation and cloudiness will increase as the moisture incursion towards the trough moves Eastwards. 
Saturday/Sunday map (below)on vagaries should tally (for rain and clouds).
The Low over Maharshtra is seen in the region also.
The Southern low over Kerala is short lived and may bring light showers in the Lakshdweep Islands region.
So, it seems, events may move as per yesterday's (below)estimate, and no changes in the forecast may be needed.

F-4 is also seen in the West, and the isobars are getting organised, almost to 2 mb difference between them..indicating the low getting strengthened. But, that is still vague, though entering into the Northern regions of the sub continent by the 26th seems certain.

There will be no blog published till Monday. I am away on a Nature and birding trip to Thol Bird Sanctuary, Mehsana, Gujarat next 3 days. 
FB inter actio will also be very much restricted. Vagarians requested to continue their inter action and keep other readers informed thru comments on blog.

In the meantime, I must share this amazing and absolutely superb video taken from the International Space Station. Another Incredible Timelapse from the ISS.
Covers so many aspects of our Earth's weather, and portraits a Space view of a silvery Moon setting into the Earth’s atmosphere, the dazzling Milky Way rising into a brilliant sunrise, airglow of all colors, popping lightning , shimmering aurorae, and incredible views of the stunning space station and our gorgeous planet.
Request all meteorologists and those who love Nature to watch this till the end....mark the lightning starting at 0.45 secs, Milky Way at 1.45, (i am sure you will not be able to leave it half way thru)


Unknown said...

Rajeshbhai, spot on ! Rain with thunder and lightning around Akola.

Just spoke to Rajeshbhai, he was on his way to Dhol Sanctuary and he will be back by Monday evening ....potey

Abhijit Modak said...

Today min temp of Badlapur is 15.5c at 7.15am. So bit chilly here after WD passing over Delhi.

Arpit Sharma said...

Total rainfall during Jan-Feb in 2
major stations of DELHI...
Jan-33.5 mm
Feb-103.1 mm
Total-136.6 mm
Jan-30.9 mm
Feb-78.5 mm
Total-109.4 mm

sset said...

I remeber Mehsana, palanpur. We visited this place in 1980s. We had been to Mount Abu (jain temples) - these places are on the way. I guess Mehsana/palanpur receives heavy rain and so is Mt-Abu (2000- 2500mm) inspite of being near Aravalis.

sset said...

In those days steam engines were present which had its own charm against colours of arid landscape/camels.

Unknown said...

SSET- the annnual rains , at MT Abu is - 1800mm. and palampur is -2596mm annually.

Unknown said...

sorry sset palanpur gets 3010mm rains annually

Abhijit Modak said...

Today min temp of Badlapur is 15c at
7.15am. So further chill by 0.5c compare to yesterday. So enjoying last Feb week chill in morning/night but afternoon are warmer.

emkay said...

The early forecasts for the SWM are in -

1st March: Mumbai: Parts of Mumbai received light drizzles on Monday Night. Though rain was predicted in Interior Maharashtra, from an upper...