Monday, February 25, 2013


Highest in India on 26th,Tuesday was at Kurnool, 37.2c.
Maharashtra's highs: Satara 36.9c, Pune Lohgaon 35.5c, Colaba 29.9c vagaries 31.4c, and lowest was 12.2c at Nasik.
Vidharbha nights are cooler than normal as Yeotmal was 14.8c (-3.9c) and Amraoti at 14.8c (-3.4c).

An exuberant Birding trip to Thol, Gujarat, has been a very good experaince with a few lifers (seeing the bird for the first time) exotic water body with numerous water birds and the only place in India, where, in one location we get the big five, Storks, Cranes, Pelicans, Flamingoes and Geese. 
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From Wednesday 27th, rising trend in day temperatures will be observed in Northern plains, Central, Eastern and Southern parts of the country. Central and Western India, see a marked rise from Thursday and Friday.
The first 40c of this season is likely in the country around after Friday on this weekend.
A vagaries map will be put up on Wednesday evening...

Major heating is not seen in Pakistan though.
Across the border, Islamabad remains pleasant due to rains, and Karachi will be around 30/31c next few days. Even Sindh regions remain reasonably within the normal range.Hyderabad remains in the 29c-14c range.

Mumbai Scruz: Tuesday/Wed/Thursday: Clear and warm. These 3 days days will be around 33/34c and nights will remain around 17c. Expecting a very warm begining to the first day of March for Mumbai and outer towns. (Maybe 38/39 in outer towns)
Outer townships will be warm and around 34/35c rising to 36c on Thursday.

Pune: Warm and sunny. Days around 34/35c and nights around 14/15c.

Delhi NCR: Light rains possible in some parts on Late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning. Days around the 25/26c- 12c range.

Kolkata: Day temperatures will rise from today's 31c to 32/33con Tuesday/Wed and further 34c on Thursday 28th.

Surat: Warm and sunny, with the highs around 33/34c. 

Chennai too will see days getting warmer from Thursday 28th.

F-4 moves into Northern Pakistan on Tuesday, 26th. 
From Tuesday evening, rainfall increases in the Punjab region of Pakistan and good rainfall for Islamabad from Tuesday night into Wednesday daytime.

Precipitation in Kashmir and HP.Tuesday night sees light rain in Punjab and adjoining Haryana. Amritsar may see light rains on Tuesday night and Wednesday.

On Wednesday, rainfall continues in the above plains. Delhi NCR can become cloudy from Tuesday evening and get light rains early Wednesday morning.
Good rains for Ludhiana and Chandigarh regions.

An extreme High pressure region, of 1040 mb, will form over the Ladakh region, and can "break up "the WD.


sset said...

Will AP repeat 2012 summer - hottest place in India - 55degrees?

Will karnataka end in drought (3rd consequtive year!!!!)?

Rajesh said...

sset: 55c ??? Where and when ?

Memories of the Past said...

F-4 became the cause of heavy rains in Northern Pakistan (Khyber Pakhtoonkhuwa mostly). For your information of vagaries readers the chief rainfall amounts are as follows:

Dir 103 mm
Parachinar 99 mm
Pattan 93 mm
Drosh 91 mm
Garhi Dopatta 90 mm
Malam Jabba 75 mm
Kalam 68 mm
Swat (Saidu Sharif) 67 mm
Islamabad Airport 64.1 mm
Lower Dir 54 mm
Balakot 49 mm
Sibbi 48 mm
Quetta 40 mm
Chitral 40 mm
Jiwani 29 mm

Wajahat Butt

 26th Day Temperatures..Mumbai cooler than Pune,Nasik and Same as Mahabaleshwar