Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Rain cools down India Region:...See Map of Friday rainfall on Current Weather Page just Published

Highest in India on Friday was at ,Rentachinatala  36.8c,  Solapur was 36.0c (Mah).Hotspot Surat cooled to 33.0c. Delhi Sjung max was 23.2c and Palam 22.9c.

Vagaries was 33.3c, Scruz 32.6c and Colaba 31.2c....Wardha (Vidharbha) recorded rainfall of 32 mms on Friday
Chennai received an average of 8 mms on Friday...
Lowest in the hills at Leh  -10c, and in the plains was Ballia (UP) at 7.5c.

Across the border in Pakistan, highest was Pasni at 26.5c...Islamabed maximum was 15c
Karachi and Hyderabad were at 24c in the day, with trace in Hyderabad and 9 mms in Karachi on Friday.
Parchinar was coldest at -9c...

Highest in Nepal was at Biratnagar, 25.7c. Lowest at Jumla, -2c.
Kathmandu saw a max of 19c and a low of 6.5c, with no rain today. Rains expected tomorrow.

February 2013 as yet....see a review of the month on Current Page...


Unknown said...

cloud cover has thickened in vasai compared to evening.whats instore for midnight

Rajesh said...

sam: I see a slight cloud line dipping into coastal region from S.Gujarat..

Krishna said...

yes there were some showers...on friday and bit of sun and rain clouds now on sat'y...lets hope showers will be substantial...

Max temp only around 29-30 but extremely humid..

Rajesh why is that west coast(Coastal KN,kerala,goa) during jan/feb and march have higher temp than east coast...even chennai for that matter gets hotter only during Apr,may,june....any guidance...

sset said...

Kind of clouds over North - looks like monsoon (august month)!!!!

NW India (Raj/Guj) are having cooler weather and rains. It is not far that erstwhile deserts will become booming agricultural lands with lakes.

If we consider last year Raj/Guj had much cooler temperatures during summer but above normal-normal SE moonsoons. Same was observed for past 5years.
But 2012,2011 south east India continued increasingly hot,dry with persistent drought. AP continues to be hottest place (touching 55degrees) in summer beating Raj. This definitely shows deserts are shifting to south India.

2013 my guess is SE India will again turn to be hottest spot. Any comments?

karnataka stares at worst drought and hot summer ahead!!! NO WATER!!!!

Acute shortage of water has not only gripped the towns and cities in the state, but also the wildlife in the national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. While bigger animals manage to sustain themselves by straying out of forests for food and water, the phenomenon is taking a toll on smaller animals. Concerned over the worsening situation, the forest department is now planning to pump water from the rivers of neighbouring Tamil Nadu.

Sources in the department said the issue was raised by officials from Cauvery and Kudremukh and Biligiri Ranga Temple (BRT) wildlife sanctuaries, Nagarhole and Bandipur national parks and other ranges at a recent review meeting chaired by forest minister C P Yogeshwara. Acknowledging the situation, Yogeshwara told Bangalore Mirror that he has already directed officials to make special arrangements.

“While last year it was the wild fire, this year it is severe shortage of water and fodder due to scanty rainfall. While tigers and elephants are somehow coping with the problem, the worst affected are the gaurs and deer. Unlike other herbivores which can survive on dry grass and leaves, gaurs require green, fresh fodder, that too in large quantities. Adding to their woes is the fact that even the water holes have dried up. Our officers have reported that a majority of the animals are frail and weak,” Yogeshwara said.

Drought in Nagarahole
The minister said the situation in Nagarhole, especially around Kabini backwaters, has reached alarming proportions. “As many as 96 tanks have dried up. There are around 1,000 to 1,500 gaurs and several hundred deer in this part of the forest. Kabini is completely dry. The only solace is the little water in Lakshmana Theertha river which we are thinking of diverting to the dried tanks,” Yogeshwara said.

At BRT, which received 73 per cent less rainfall than normal, officials have pinned their hopes on a small rivulet till the arrival of monsoon.

Anthrax scare
The situation is no different in Bandipur. “More than 50 tanks have dried up and only seven tanks have water. We are considering pumping water from Moyar river flowing through Mudumalai National Park in Tamil Nadu,” an official said.

Cauvery hit too
The Cauvery wildlife sanctuary received 50 per cent less rainfall this year. According to officials, animals were seen migrating from one place another as water is found only some in pockets along the Cauvery river.

Yogeshwara said measures have been taken to prevent fires which could prove to be more disastrous than drought. “In Nagarahole, a total 1,800 km of fire line has been created, Bandipur now has a 2,100 km fire line and 350 watchers. In BRT limits, 573 km of fire line has been laid with 40 teams of personnel to man the area. Even in Sakrebailu and Shettyhalli reserves in Shimoga district, around 500 km of fire line has been set up with a 150-strong team of watchers,” he said.

Rajesh said...

Krishnakumar: Normally, that is normal, it is the East coast that heats up first in Mar/Apr. Initial heat waves are from coastal AP and Orissa in mid fact Orissa was the first to reach 40c in end feb some years back (see vagaries extreme blog)..this year's west coast heating is temporary...
sset: Heating would normally start from that side..yes, South, Int Karnatak should get more rains..and Raj is pounded by 2 systems !

Atul: Thanks for feedback...hope to get more from you..

Rajesh said...

Chandan: Good to see Belgaum getting showers..should cool down now and these were expected in the forecast map of vagaries..though not specifically mentioned...

Atul P Naik said...

Highs on Saturday down 3-4 Deg C in Goa. It's the rain effect!

Unknown said...

yes the temp is reduced to 24 c because of mornin rain..and coulds moving direction is sw to ne..same like a mansoon season its moving..some times drizzlin starts for 1 to 2 mins but not heavy as morning..

 26th Day Temperatures..Mumbai cooler than Pune,Nasik and Same as Mahabaleshwar