Thursday, February 21, 2013

F-3 expectedly  moving in with gathering force:

F-3 currently (Thursday Evening) at 65E and around 35N, has now an induced Low at 28N and 60E, around Central Sindh region...An elongated trough extends SE wards into Western Rajasthan...

F-4 is seen as a 1012 low over 55E and 35N...close isobars in the East of the system and an extended trough sloping SE indicates its Eastward movement.....Arriving around Tuesday 26th...

The other Low in S.Maharashtra is now at 1010 mb and may persist or move NE...

Heavy rains for Islamabad tonite.(Thursday Night)

Next Few Days : (Map above refers to Friday and Saturday Only)

Friday 22nd: F-3 into Northern Pakistan and Pak Punjab. Rains over Sindh (including Southern regions), and light rains around Karachi. 
Rain/snow over Kashmir, HP, Punjab and Northern Haryana. Cloudy over Northern Rajasthan and partly cloudy for Delhi. A Shower late night in some parts of NCR.

Low in the Mah region brings some evening rain and thunder in S.Madhya Maharashtra in Pune and Solapur Districts. Thundery developments around Pune on Friday night with rain in the vicinity.
Light rains to Northern Mah (Nasik and Akola) and adjoining Southern most MP (Nimar and Betul regions) and cloudy weather in Marathwada and West Vidarbha.

Saturday 23rd: Rainfall moves into Delhi NCR. Rainfall be be heavier in South of Delhi, the Delhi-Jaipur belt getting some heavy showers. 
Delhi City avg rainfall: 15 mms (till Sunday morning), and Saturday /Sunday days will fall to a maximum of 21/22c.
Lucknow and the UP region West of Lucknow get showers, and Utteranchal gets rain/snow.
Mah.Low dissolves.

Sunday 24th:  F-3 moves away to the East, and covers Nepal, but the strength has reduced. Kathmandu gets some rains on Sunday, keeping the temperatures low.
Faster movement occurs under the influence of mid- or upper tropospheric trough. 
For Delhi NCR, Day gradually getting brighter, Clear Sunday night for Delhi. Monday morning low around 10c.

Monday 25th: A rainless day for the sub-continent.

Southern staes of Karnataka and TN remain dry all days.

Kolkata clear, and weekend warming up to 31c with nights around 18/19c.

Mumbai: Partly cloudy on 23rd Saturday/ 24thSunday. Not really cooling down much now. Saturday and Sunday will be in the 32-19c range. 
Mumbai's Outer townships will get partly cloudy with cumulus heads popping up on 22nd Friday. 23rd Saturday and 24th Sunday will be almost clear and warm, with days around 34/35c and nights around 18c. E/SEwinds on Monday will show further rise in day temperatures.

Pune weekend getting hot, with the maximum attempting to touch 36c.

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