Thursday, January 10, 2013

We have been reading about the Extreme cold for some Heat..extreme Heat !!
Severe Heat Wave Down Under in Australia !!...Note the highlighted para in the end..Worth Reading !.....See International Page of  Vagaries...

Overcast Oman Today...Pic received from Nikhil..see Inter Active Page

Besides Sub-Continent, let us see the cold elswhere....
Lowest Maximum Temperatures today, 10th Jan 2013...See International Page..

Synoptic Situation as on Thursday 10th:

High pressure in Arabian Sea moves NE and a ridge is situated along the Konkan coast...Friday, 11th, the High may move Eastwards...
J-2 (WD), now over Afghanistan and Northern most Pakistan, can move into Kashmir by next 24 hrs...should precipitate rain/snow in Kashmir from 11th Night/12th Morning.
Due to the prevailing High, over Central Peninsula (on Saturday), J-2 moves away NE by Sunday. 

J-3 is approaching fast, and seems in good strength as of now. Tuesday 15th, we see the rain commencing in Lower Sindh..with Karachi expecting rains maybe light, on 15th..The system moves into India, and rains traverse into Upper Sindh and Rajasthan on 15th and 16th.
Delhi NCR getting cloudy on 14th or 15th, with light rainfall on 15th and 16th.

Meanwhile, the NEM withdraws from the South on Sunday, 13th.
Chennai night temperatures drop on Sunday/Monday morning.

Friday 11th /Saturday 12th: Early morning shallow fog..Temperature range: 21/22c - 9/10c
Sunday 13th/Monday 14th: Cloudy from Monday day time: Temperature range : 22/23c - 12/13c.
Tuesday 15th: Cloudy with light rains.

Mumbai SCruz 
Friday 11th: 31 - 16c (Friday morning)
Saturday 12th: Temperature range: 31c - 17/18c.
Sunday 13th: Temperature range: 30/31c - 16/17c on Sunday morning.

Friday 11th/Saturday 12th/Sunday 13th, Kolkata will be in the 21/22c - 11/12c range till Sunday. Monday day and night rises by 3c.

Pune: Bright sunshine...
Friday 11th/Saturday 12th: East winds dominate, temperature range for these 2 days will be 32c - 12/13c.
Sunday 13th: Winds turning SE, temperature range 32/33c - 12c.


Unknown said...

looking at the current max temperatures along the western coast line , looks like summer is going pick up faster and going to be wont be suprising if the temperatures shoot above 40c in maharashtra by mid of feb or begining of march.

Neeraj said...

Today, 11th morning, still min temp below freezing (just a bit below freezing today); both min and max set to rise from tomorrow; and as you have mentioned it will certainly rise a more from 14th. J3 should precipitate some rain here; can you quantify how much rain is possible here (here in the city and throughout the country) ? and is colder temperature coming behind J3 ?

Abhijit Modak said...

Today min temp for
Mumbai:(Santacruz 16.6c, Colaba 20.2c)
Pune 11.5c
Nashik 9.2c
Nagpur 8.2c

Unknown said...

There were lot of prediction/ assumptions about chennai to experience wet weather in december, as it was the opposite, both south west monsoon and north east monsoon performance was unsatisfactory this year.

sset said...

Agree with u Mr.Sam khan. If we go by rain metrics - SE interior India (SE KAR, RAYALSEEMA and many parts of TN) is driest place in India - it is no longer RAJ or GUJ. This trend is observed for last 5 years. Geography academics needs revisit. NEM currents are becoming weaker.

Usually in south summer starts by FEB itself. Infact in BANG temp sizzles by FEB/MAR.

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