Thursday, January 17, 2013

J-3 effect on Thursday 17th: 
In HP, Kasauli recieved  27 mms, Chelsie and Nahan 19 mms and Dalhousie 4 mms.Bhuntar had good showers, around 9 mms today and a high at 5.6c

Baramulla got 11 mms, Srinagar recieved 8 mm of rain/snow in the day Thursday.
In Rajasthan,Churu gauged up 9 mms,  Jodhpur received 8 mms and several stations between 1-5 mms.

J-3 Medium rains continued in Kutch. Bhuj and Bachau with around 5 mms in the day (Thursday) and a high of 19c. 
With overcast sky and 11 mms of rain, the highest temperature in Patiala is hovering around 14c. 

Karachi had drizzle intermittently, the days temperature currently showing 21c as the highest.

Mumbai: Thursday has become very windy (NW), and partly cloudy. Day was at 31c (31c)* at Scruz and 30.3c at Colaba. 
Expected temperature will be as forecasted, around 15c on Friday morning. 

Pune was at 31.6c (31c)*.

New Delhi saw a high of 20.8 (19)*, remained partly cloudy with scattered rain in parts of the city. Mungeshpur area had 19 mm and Akshardham 2 mms. and other parts of NCR between 3-5 mms. 
More rain tonite.

Kolkata warmed up as expected to 27.6c today (28c)*.

Surat ,still at 29.6c (28c)* today was a tad higher than expected.Tomorrow should be as expected..a further drop.

* Brackets indicate vagaries' forecasted figure

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