Sunday, January 13, 2013

A short summary for Sunday reading, ..probably followed by a detailed note Sunday night: Also some beautiful pics of the world's coldest village...(below)

1. J-2 moves away by Sunday right on prediction.

2. Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th January, 2 total dry (rainless) days in the sub-continent.High pressure in central India and ridge along west coast of India dissolves fast by sunday 13th.. North winds dominate Delhi NCR on Sunday.

3. As the system J-3 moves in, Tuesday, SW winds from Karachi thru Rajasthan bring clouds and light rain in the region from Karachi coast thru Rajasthan..and maybe lower Sindh and Kutch being in the path.

4. Delhi NCR cloudy from Tuesday evening and light rains overnight on wednesday morning....

5. J-3 is showing to be a sticky system, and may bring rains to Delhi NCR and Northern hills and plains till Friday..before moving into Nepal.

6. NEM withdraws.

The west coast showed the highest temperatures on Saturday 12th... due to the ridge..Ratnagiri 35.5c, Cochin 35.4c and Mangalore 35.3c.

The hottest in Australia Saturday was at the Lihou Reef National Nature Reserve measuring 49c. and Moomba airport at 48c.
The coldest habitated place, town, in the world..Oymyakon....see how they live at -56c Worth seeing!!

and you get a certificate of witnessing -56c !!

AR1654 is a Monster Sunspot. (And It’s Aiming Our Way.)...see Space News Page of this blog...

For personal reasons, a performance assessment is made of the current forecast by vagaries..only if interested , see Current Weather Page...


sset said...

Guess this beatiful cold place is eastern russia - Siberia. People with small eyes suggests region is far east -Russia spreads from west to east spanning 7 time zones. By the way is this place worlds snowest place or it is North America. Ironical thing is some of the world coldest places are driest places also (for instance Antartica - snow is accumulation of years of fall)

Rajesh said...

sset: For your information, the exact location map of Oymyakon is put up on inter active page....more pics added on the page..

sset said...

Thanks Rajesh Sir for beautiful glimpses. Earlier (35 years back) we used to recieve magazine from Russia (earlier called USSR) - magazine name "Soviet Union".

Anushka Sharma said...

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 See World Weather News Pag e .. World Weather Page.. New York City finally sees snow Wednesday, ending 328-day snowless streak