Sunday, January 20, 2013

For Sunday 20th Jan:
Coldest in Asia was Korliki (Russia) -51c...Lowest in Plains of India 2.5c at Vanasthali (Rajasthan). 
In Pakistan plains lowest was at Sibbi -6c.
Incidently the high today in Sibbi was 23.5c...the day night variation works out to 29.5c..probably one of the widest range !!

Hottest in Asia on Sunday 20th: Punnalur (Kerala) at 35.6c, Makkah 35c.
Hottest in Asia: Punnalur 35.6c, Kohikode 34c.

The cold wave preceding J-3 will now abate from Central and western India, but continue for a few more days in the North.

Northern India faces prospects of continuing N/NW winds, chilled by the cold front, and will see below normal temperatures till Wednesday 23rd at least.
Reproducing (above) the same map published on 18th Friday. 

The approaching WD will be weak and will veer towards the N/NE towards Northern Kashmir. Moderate rain/snow in Upper Kashmir on Wednesday, 23rd. 
No meaningful effect in the plains of Northern sub-continent.

A major trough forming in the far west near the Caspian Sea could bring a WD into Northern India around 29th..but will monitor and follow it for exact dates.

An UAC, descending to sea level will most likely form around the N.Maharashtra region by Wednesday 23rd. 
The country wide dry weather extends into Monday 21st, before, Light precipitation could be expected from Wednesday 23rd  thru Friday 25th in Vidharbha and adjoining Chattisgarh region.

Delhi NCR will also be 2/3c below normal, i.e. actual around 4/5c for Monday and Tuesday mornings. 
Tuesday 22nd/Wednessday 23rd will see some parse high clouds, with possibility of a slight rise in temperatures.

Mumbai sees a rise in temperatures to the 31/32c region (or more) on Mon 21st/Tuesday 22nd. 
On Wednesday 23rd, due to the formation of the low, the winds turn North for the North Konkan coast region. 
But, even from this, the temperatures will not drop more than 2/3c.
Monday 21st/Tuesday 22nd: Mumbai will be in the 32/33c - 16/17c range (Scruz). 
Wednesday 23rd/Thursday 24th: Very sparsely cloudy, with 30/31c - 17c range.

Pune remains in the 30c - 12/13c range, with SE winds dominating from Wednesday 23rd. Medium clouds after Wednesday rises the night temperatures for a couple of days.

Surat too sees a rise in Temperatures from Monday with a rise of 2c in day and night. High clouds again on Wednesday...temperature remaining constant though..

Nagpur gets cloudy with light rains on Wed 23rd/Thursday 24th.

Nothing eventful to write for Kolkata till Thursday...

See Vagaries in Times of India..for this I thank all the readers and supporters for their faith in vagaries..and their full contribution in bringing Vagaries to the International levels...Thank You Vagarians..Vagaries is yours...

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Unknown said...

Sibbi in Pakistan is an iteresting case of Desert climate with hottest summers averaging 45-46 C throughout Jun and nights touching Zero C in winters ....potey

Rajesh said...

Cmdr Potey: Sibbi summer temps are crossing 50c..see vagaries extreme blog...52c i far as i know, my personal knowhow shows 30c as the highest range till now..and this is 29.5c yesterday...

Unknown said...

Congrats Rajesh sir for the TOI article !!!

i'm what i'm said...

i'm what i'm said...

d TOI article has given u more publicity... i have come to know abt ur blog thru the article... i must appreciate u for ur forcast...

emkay said...

Congrats Rajesh for your TOI appearance :)

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