Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Unusually Cold In Karnataka and Andhra! (Its end Feb)

Surprise ! South Interior Karnataka is facing a cold wave. Below normal night temperatures have been recorded in the region since the last 2 days, and today (Tuesday) morning saw Mysore at 11c (-8c), Hasan also at 11c (-5c) and Chamarajanagar at 12c. Medikeri bottomed 8c which is 7c below normal. Agumbe saw 10c.
In the Norhthern parts of Karnataka too the nights were very cool. Belgaum saw 13c (-4c) and Raichur was at 15c which is 5c below normal.

However, the irony is that the day temperatures are marginally above normal fro these places. In fact, Manglore soared to 38.2c (+6c), unusually high for the place, and equaling its previous high for February. But the nights were better at 21c (-2c). 

Though Bangalore shot to 35.4c (+4c) today, the nights are in tow with the rest of the state, slightly below normal. It was 16c in the city on Tuesday morning. The February record for Bangalore (city) is 35.9c and for the airport it 35.0c as the highest evr for February.

Adjoining areas of A.P. too were in the below normal range at night. Rayalseema regions of the state saw Anantpur at 15c (-6c), Cuddapah 17c (-6c) and Tirupati A.P. at 16c (-5c).


sridhar said...

wondering what could be the reasons for tbis unusual cold wave..?

Rajesh said...

sridhar:Seems a temporary UAC has strengthened the NW winds blowing into Mah.It has penetrated NW winds into Karnataka

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